Early Detection Saves Lives

By Linda Weber Spradling

Digital infrared thermographic imaging or “Thermography” is a pain-free, radiation-free and non-invasive approach to preventative medicine. Thermograms detect inflammation in the body, vascular and lymphatic activity as well as hormone imbalances and estrogen dominance. Having this information gives you a tool you can use to see what is happening inside your body. Many times this is before you are having symptoms and before it can be detected on other traditional testing.

Thermography is particularly helpful in assessing and maintaining breast health. Many types of cancers take years to develop to the stage that they can be detected by a mammogram or an ultrasound; this is especially true for younger women (under 50). However, whereas thermograms do not see structure therefore do not see tumors or micro-calcifications, with regular thermographic screenings we are able to identify any developing pathology in the earliest stages. In many cases this is years before it is detected by the other testing. If the thermogram shows any suspicious lesions in the breast tissue it can provide a “clinical marker” so your doctor can also monitor the specific area of concern with additional testing.

The most important benefit of having the earliest possible detection of any physiological changes in the body is so you can intervene by altering diet and lifestyle to change the outcome before it has advanced to a stage to where it must be resolved with more invasive procedures.

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