Beauty is the Manifestation of HEALTH

By Linda Hoff

Beauty is being true to yourself. Are you being true to yourself? What is the one thing you know to be true, but are afraid to admit? Is there an area of your life in which you are feeling stuck? That’s were a holistic health coach can help. A health coach offers support and guidance while being a mentor and ally as you navigate the ups and downs of making healthy lifestyle changes. With a holistic approach all aspects of your life are considered when beginning a journey towards better health. Mental and social factors, in addition to physical symptoms, are taken into account. Your career, education, health, finances, physical activity, home cooking, home environment, relationships, social life, spirituality and creativity all have equal bearing on your overall health.

“Thoughts are an important part of your inner wisdom – and they are very powerful.
A thought held long enough becomes a belief. A belief then becomes your biology”.

– Dr. Christiane Northrup

What will you gain from working with a holistic health coach? You will gain the know how to achieve and maintain goals, reduce stress and increase energy, improve your health and quality of life, feel better and look better.

What will you learn from working with a holistic health coach? You will learn to listen to your body, make your health a priority and honor your feelings and limitations.

What will you discover from working with a holistic health coach? You will discover what’s in the way of you achieving your goals, what lifestyle factors, besides diet, could be influencing your health and how to make slow consistent changes.

What would you gain if…

  • you lost weight and kept it off?
  • you had more energy?
  • you were truly living life, instead of just moving thru life?
  • you lived your life without the fear of ____________?

Begin your journey of healing. The journey to understanding yourself, as you face and explore the real issues causing your poor health. Are you willing to look inside and listen (with your heart and not your mind)?

“Your intuition knows what to do. The trick is getting your head to shut up so you can hear”.

– Louise Smith

Begin your journey to a better life with more vibrant health, more vitality, more purpose and greater contentment and joy.

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Linda Hoff is a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Sugaring Practitioner, Certified M’lis Wellness Consultant, IIN Health Coach and doterra Wellness Advocate.