Art Walk At Garden Heights Nursery Kicks Off Sustainable Shopping Season

Art Walk Pillows

By Crystal Stevens

The Holiday Season only adds to the detrimental effects that consumerism has on the earth. We all know the devastating effects that factories and big box stores have on the earth, especially the air and water quality. The influx in money spent at big box stores is at its peak during the holidays. It is extremely difficult to reduce one’s carbon footprint during the months of October, November and December. Luckily, shopping local is one way to help.

With the exception of the few things on our Children’s lists to Santa (which is a hard concept not to buy into when you have kids), my husband and I tend to make all of our own Christmas Gifts for friends and family. Our friends and family are typically gifted with canned goods that were preserved from this year’s harvest, dried herbs, aprons, cloth journals and pillows made from recycled fabrics.

We also sell our handmade wares at craft shows throughout the season to offer eco-minded individuals and alternative way to shop for the holidays-supporting local artisans. One of our favorite art fairs to vend at is the Art Walk at Garden Heights Nursery. With a vast array of fine art, jewelry, clothing accessories and household wares made by locals demonstrating quality craftsmanship, one is sure to find plenty of items to check off their list. Stock up on the beautiful selection of mums, pumpkins, squash and gourds while you are there!

Supporting local artists means you are not only providing a viable income for the artist and his or her family, but you are also supporting the local economy and helping channel funds within the community rather than to the big corporations. Tower Grove Farmers Market has dozens of artisan vendors peppered in with the produce, grain and flower farmers! TGFM is an excellent place to get fresh food and fun gifts!
There are several events and places throughout the St. Louis area this season to holiday shop from local artisans:

Say no to wrapping paper this season: Use recycled materials instead!

These things make excellent alternatives to wrapping paper:
Fabric, Seed Catalogs, Magazine pages, Quilt squares, Brown paper bags turned inside out and decorated, Decorated pillow cases (find pillow cases at thrift stores), Comic sections of the Newspaper, Decorated old sheets cut to size, Cloth bags.

Crystal Stevens is a regular contributor to The Healthy Planet and operates the La Vista CSA Farm with her husband Eric in Godfrey, Illinois.