A Word To The Wise

Kate Schroeder, M.Ed, LPC, NCC

With Kate Schroeder, M.Ed, LPC, NCC

Find Ourselves Again

For many people, being in touch with the true adult self inside is an unfamiliar experience. Most people, before deep emotional healing work, are very familiar with the wounded child inside, and have lived the majority of their existence operating out of this wounded child. Despite being uncomfortable or limiting in most cases, many people prefer to stick with this familiar or “known” way of living, despite it no longer working for them in many of these cases.

Our true self, often referred to as our “soul self” exists in a part of us that is not accessible through language or logic. Talk therapy talks to the “left brain” part of us that is already smart enough to know that we should not eat the whole bag of cookies, and spends an inordinate amount of time talking about feelings, rather than actually assisting clients with truly feeling and releasing their feelings. It cannot do so because the soul does not speak in language: it speaks in symbols, perception and so on- so it is like trying to communicate in two different languages…there will always be a disconnect, and the information gets lost in translation. As such, in order to get to the source of our distress or pain that keeps us stuck in destructive or unhelpful patterns present day, we have to use techniques to access the source of the pain, which is only accessible through our right brain. That is why imagery, art, music, dream work and many other right brain techniques are so powerfully effective: they are the language of the soul, and give us direct access to the material we need in order to heal – our feelings.

In order to gain access to our true self again, we have to want to heal and live life differently, and the journey to this point comes in different ways. For some, it is only when they have tried everything else ending back up in the same destructive patterns, that they realize there has to be another way. Others may contract a life-threatening health condition and come to realize they need to begin their healing process. For others, their lives begin to unravel with the ending of a marriage or relationship, or have an addiction that is out of control, or recognize that their kids are acting out destructively. It is an individual decision to begin one’s healing journey or not. Yet if you truly want to be free and fully alive, the only way out is in.

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