A Word To The Wise

With Kate Schroeder, M.Ed, LPC, NCC

Why Do I Feel This Way?

When we talk about our soul, a common universal symbol or image used to refer to this soul self is the image or symbol of a child. We all have an inner child that exists inside of us, waiting to be discovered and brought out into our lives. Sometimes this child feels happy and safe to express who she really is, what she really feels and when we experience a connection with this spirit child in this way, we feel aligned both inside and out, sometimes people call this our “flow”. Sometimes this inner child is upset or distressed in some way, and any time we experience a reaction towards something that seems out of proportion to the event happening, we can be certain that we are experiencing this wounded child inside, who is trying to get our attention in some way so that we can attend to her needs.

Our earliest experiences as children are the determinants for how we function as an adult in our day to day lives and relationships. Whenever a child has an experience, either a one-time event or an ongoing theme, it “programs” them for later, similar emotional experiences in life. A child’s defense system will always kick in to manage those painful feelings unless there is someone strong on the scene to comfort and assure that child that their world will be ok. If this early emotional conditioning is never fully addressed and healed on a deep level, it becomes the framework for operating emotionally even as a grown adult, in any similar type of situation. And because our feelings, programs, defense system, inner child all exist in a part of us that is non-linear and doesn’t know time (past, present or future), all it takes is a brief resemblance emotionally to this early experience that was never addressed, and the person (now an adult) will react emotionally in the same way that they reacted when they were young.

Early emotional programming is the reason why people’s lives are often derailed when they experience a divorce or death of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship or job- it can often feel like “the end of the world” as these present day losses trigger these past programs and unresolved feelings from early on. Remember, feelings never fully go away if they are not addressed the first time around and experienced all the way through. In fact, they just continue to build up inside of our bodies as unexpressed energy looking for a way to get out, and generally do so in one of two ways: either this unexpressed energy gets passed on to our children, who pay for their parents’ inability to deal with their own unresolved feelings or our bodies absorb this energy and we become physically ill. Every time.

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