Publisher’s Corner

Summer is My Season!

My grandson Jackson turned one on July 23. The summer Cicada serenaded his special day with a buzzing rendition of “Happy Birthday.” My little Leo celebrated a chicken and mac and cheese dinner at the Llywelyn’s Pub as we raised a glass of brew in his honor. The big shebang will be this weekend when 50 partygoers will enjoy Jackson’s birthday bash at the “green certified” Park Forest Apartments enjoying homemade birthday cake and dollar roll sandwiches from Freddies Market. I am trying to get him a playdate with Prince Georgie but the royals have not returned my emails. I am sure Jackson can teach Georgie a thing or two about the St. Louis two-step and clapping “yay” to just about anything. And when it comes to a drooling contest, Jackson is cutting some serious teeth so Georgie better be wearing his royal slicker. Maybe Georgie can teach Jackson a thing or two about proper mealtime etiquette. Jackson has begun the game of dropping everything from his high chair. Momma says no, but Jackson just looks at her and laughs. Momma forgets that she played the same game 22 years ago. Jackson, the Leo, loves center stage and I suspect he will follow in the dramatic footsteps of his mom and dad who have both appeared on stage.

So happy birthday Jackson James Petty, this has been some first year. We look forward to what the 2nd year has in store. Love, Grampy!

Summer so far has been a roller coaster of temperatures, mostly on the kinder, gentler side. The plants have gone crazy and the blooms are bursting. Many of our purple coneflowers have been nibbled by busy bunnies and the squelching squirrels have been helping themselves to my tomatoes. We may not have deer in Webster Groves, but we have rabbits and squirrels in abundance. Makes me wonder what the neighborhood hawks and owls have been having for meals. I suggest some rabbit stew and squirrel surprise. There is nothing worse than the scorn of the suburban gardener when God’s little 1/8 acre gets robbed by furry bandits. I have my eye on you Peter and you too, Sandy.

I think it was sometime during that long cold winter that I swore I would never complain about the st. Louis Summer. That’s why I now remind all of you about the prolonged agony we all shared. Summer is all about sharing the warmth, not denying it. So long as you stay hydrated, summer has nothing to be afraid of. Even the sunlight is good for you in moderation. Vitamin D from the sun helps the body absorb calcium for strong bones while emerging research finds Vitamin D helps ward off the risk of autoimune disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation, certain cancers and diabetes. Many experts feel the fear of skin cancer is keeping people indoors and out of the sun. And many doctors say that more people die from lack of sun than from too much sun. It doesn’t take much sun exposure to gain the benefits. Check it out online. There are many great sites that talk about the health benefits of sunshine. Or check with your doctor if you have any questions. Don’t stay in the dark when it comes to getting your Vitamin D. A little knowledge and common sense goes a long way.

Just a note: Our Fall Natural Living Expo is coming up September 28. For more information check out article on page 19 and Expo ad n page 13.

I Am A Leo, too! J.B. Lester; Publisher