Have You Reviewed Your Current Medicare Supplement Insurance?

By Michael Cohen

This article is to introduce myself to the readers of The Healthy Planet newspaper.
I am Michael Cohen and I have been a resident of St. Louis all of my life. I am 69 and graduated high school in 1962. I went to the University of Missouri at St. Louis until 1967 before entering The United States Marine Corp.

After the Marines I went to work with my father at the family clothing store in Lemay.
In 1975 I started in the life insurance business with Mutual Benefit Life where I became a broker, not just an agent. The idea behind a broker is that I can sell any health or life product that would serve my client in their best interest.

In 1985 the insurance companies introduced a plan of insurance for people over the age of 65, created to fill the gap in the Medicare government sponsored plan. Today these plans are called Medicare Supplement Insurance and are available for three months before your 65th birthday, with No questions asked about your health. The questions asked will be your name, birthday, address and do you share this address with a spouse or significant other. There could be a 5-12% reduction in the cost of the premiums if you share an address. These plans can be changed with no questions on the anniversary of your policy.

Over time these plans have changed as well as their price. My responsibility to you is to make sure that your plan will allow you to keep your doctors and level of coverage that you choose, plus giving you an annual review at no charge. I work for you, not the insurance companies. With almost 40 years of experience, I will find the best Medical Supplement Insurance plan at the lowest price for you. I also offer individual dental insurance from Delta Dental.

I am an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

Michael S. Cohen.
Michael S. Cohen
and Associates.
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