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Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW

Skype Coaching — A Sign Of The Times

I’ve been away from what I love most for almost two years. Life has a way of doing that at times. But, now I have returned to what gives me the most happiness and fulfillment in my helping profession. Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Christine Kniffen. I am a therapist by training who has always had a strong bent toward relationships and all things related to good communication. I have recently decided to jump back into private practice with a new, more modern twist….Skype Coaching. I feel this just represents a “sign of the times”. It has numerous selling points all on its own, but let me take a moment to relay perhaps the obvious.

Clients used to have to get baby sitters to come see me at the office. If they needed to talk more urgently, they couldn’t just make a quick appointment because they could not get that coordinated on such short notice. Likewise, clients may have a free hour on a given night to talk, but with drive time and traffic figured in it easily became a two plus hour endeavor. Finally, people just tend to like total privacy when it comes to communicating their trials and tribulations as they pertain to their quest for relationships.

Many were often leery that those waiting outside the door could hear them, despite my assurances that the sound machine was muffling their voices to an incomprehensible state. By using SKYPE, you have total control over your privacy. You can SKYPE from home, your office, while traveling or even under a big shady tree on a beautiful day.

Additionally, you can SKYPE from your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone. Total convenience, complete privacy and freedom best describes this new venue for change.

People like options and want to get the help they need in the way they think suits them best. I offer two venues for Relationship Coaching. Those who are looking for answers as to why they aren’t getting the relationship they deserve can choose to utilize my Relationship Coaching Workbook. Our patterns, our expectations, our parent’s relationship dynamics and how we take care of ourselves emotionally all speak to what we experience in our quest for relationships. It has everything to do with who we choose, what we settle for and why we continue to stay longer than we should. Understanding your perceptions and expectations allows you to finally get out of your own way and allows me to help move you in the right direction in your journey to find a great relationship.

Some people, however, may find that they need professional advice and direction pertaining to a specific issue or circumstance. This might include things such as: should I stay in this relationship, how can I jump into internet dating, how do I best talk to my partner about…, should I go on another date with this person or do I have a right to feel this way in our argument. I offer single sessions of Relationship Coaching with quick turnaround and great flexibility for your ease and convenience.

If you find yourself struggling, as so many do in the quest for love, then don’t be afraid to ask for some professional guidance to get you moving in the right direction. Check out the web for more details. Call or e-mail to schedule your free consultation.

Your Personal Relationship Coach is just a click away. Be sure to check out the “Healthy Planet Happenings” page for details on my upcoming, free Seminar: Surviving Internet Dating on Wednesday, July 23rd in the CWE at Café Ventana—-Call or e-mail today to reserve a space.

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