The Greatest Freedom

By Phylis Clay Sparks

The greatest freedom is the freedom to choose,
Either this way or that… to win or to lose.
One chooses laughter, another a frown,
One gets up while one stays down.
I can choose love or I can choose fear,
You can choose peanuts, I can choose beer.
We can argue against or decide to agree
Because it’s our choice that makes us free.a

We must all admit, we sometimes feel chains
That bind us to anger, or fear, or claims
That “I’m right — you’re wrong, why can’t you see?!
It’s all so simple, just agree with me!”
But when we wake up to the truth of Love’s Grace
We know to be free means to honor each place,
Every race, each face and all things,
And bless every choice with which my heart sings.

Let’s all give thanks for the freedom to choose,
To think thoughts of love or to sing the blues.
It’s all up to us each moment, each day,
To feel our joy or be willing to pay.
It’s always our choice about what to think,
Whether to choose light blue or relish hot pink.
The thing that matters, this we must know,
Is that choice determines which way we go.

It’s all about how I choose to see life,
Through eyes of wonder or feelings of strife.
It’s by choice, by decision, as to which way I go
And the journey will cause me to stumble or grow.
Freedom to me is to honor my voice
Above all others — that’s my choice!
Thank you again for the wisdom to see
What freedom is, is up to me.