Quality Time is Key To Building A Strong Family

By Nina Chen, Ph.D., CFLE,
Human Development Specialist,
University of Missouri Extension

Creating and maintaining a nurturing family environment requires a great deal of energy and work. Quality time together is one of the most important elements for building a strong family.

Quality time should be planned with all family members. A family meeting can be a beneficial activity where family members can discuss ideas, concerns, and problems, as well as how and when to spend quality time together.

The following are some suggestions for having quality time together with family members.

  • Have a family council meeting every week. This can be an opportunity for open communication and discussing family issues.
  • Have a specific time for family members to get together and tell something positive about themselves. During this time, family members can also share something positive about each other and why each person is important to the family.
  • Spend time with each family member every week. This special time is valuable for two people to share with, talk to, listen to and enjoy each other. This special time can increase family members’ closeness.
  • Time together for a couple is also important. Having a regular couple time can help couples renew their sense of closeness and togetherness.
  • Family quality time should include working and playing together. Everyone should enjoy and benefit from family fun times. Avoid win/lose games because they may create stress or competition among family members.

If your family’s schedule is too busy for quality time together, you may need to rethink your family life pace. Start by holding a family council meeting to come up with alternatives and ways to schedule family “prime time” as a tool for building and maintaining a strong family.

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