Art of Folklore Returns In Witch Doctor Storytelling

By Benjamin Petty

Here at Witch Doctor Storytelling we reach perfection every time we perform for you or your event.

We also offer variety to meet your every need, choose from four different storytelling packages and characters.

  • Kingla Kuk is a woodland witch doctor. He specializes in stories dealing with creation and Native American myth. His show is extremely physical and is a favorite of summer camps and parties. His best shows are done in the evening and around the camp fire.
  • The Prospector is an old miner from the west. He specializes in stories dealing with western myth and western Native American tales. The Prospector brings the ole west to life!
  • Bones is a storyteller that specializes in good old-fashion Ghost stories. If you’re looking to be afraid of the dark again, Bones is the entertainer for you. Bones is very popular around Halloween and during the fall months.
  • Benjamin is a storyteller that specializes in a variety of storytelling. If you’re not looking for a specific character entertainer and just want a good old-fashion storyteller, Benjamin is your guy. Benjamin is popular all year round and is a favorite at events including birthday parties and summer camps.

Storytelling became a form of entertainment that was placed in the back of the room and forgotten about. We have changed all that.

We take pride in offering storytelling entertainment like you have never seen before. Our storytelling is very physical and movement dense and will leave your guests or campers amazed.

If you’re interested in booking with Witch Doctor Storytelling, choose a character from the list, gather your information including dates and times for which you are interested in booking and contact us right away!

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