Why is Spring Grass So Nice? It’s the Nutrients, Not Just Nitrogen!

By Randy Greene

by this time of year you’ve probably put down a dose of pre-emergent fertilizer and have already had to mow the lawn a few times. Everything looks great! Your yard looks healthy and green and it will stay that way, right?

The reason your lawn looks thick and lush in early Spring is because it’s getting everything it needs; which is a combination of cool nights and soaking rains. Your lawn thrives under these perfect conditions, but when the hot Summer sun hits and rain tapers off, parts of your lawn will look thin and dry. Non beneficial fungi will start taking over your yard and despite your best efforts your lawn will start to die.

Here’s what happens: When the temperature rises and rainfall drops, your lawn stresses over the lack of moisture and nutrients. The pre-emergent feeds the lawn with Nitrogen, that Nitrogen works for about five to six weeks and then is basically gone. Now, you have a lawn that has run out of its food source right before the stress of the summer!

Five to six weeks after the pre-emergent or weed preventer was put down, you should apply more food so that your lawn retains its healthy green color through the Summer. Nutrients, not just nitrogen, will provide all of the micro nutrients your lawn needs for Summer.

Without the right food turf grass is much more susceptible to fungi and stress than a plant with the right micro-nutrients. So the secret to keep your Spring lawn looking fresh throughout the stress of Summer is to feed it with a fertilizer with a large number of micro-nutrients and live microbes.

At Greene’s Country Store we have many choices of fertilizers loaded with micro-nutrients that you can chose from. We also have a year round lawn and garden program based on testing your own soil. If you want to spend less and get out of the chemical fertilizer hamster wheel while having a much better lawn and garden, come to Greene’s.

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