What is Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer?

By Linda Weber Spradling

It is a controversial problem that all women must ask themselves. What is my risk and what precautions do I need to take? For some, the answer is easy. For many, it is difficult to wade through all the information.

If you are over 50, have no family history, do monthly self exams and have annual mammogram screening, you probably feel good about your plan.

One problem is that mammograms are simply not as effective with young women and statistics show that women are getting breast cancer now at a younger and younger age. Thermography is just as effective with young women as it is with more mature women with less dense tissue!

Another problem is that women who have a family history of breast cancer often worry about developing cancer and wonder if the mammograms are enough, especially if they are under the age of 50. Thermographic screening gives you breast health information, not just breast cancer information. Thermography can detect “suspicious activity” long before a tumor is developed. At this early stage of disease, less invasive treatment plans are highly effective and can reverse the process of the disease. A woman has had breast cancer years before a tumor is large enough to show up in routine screening.

Thermography also offers good screening for women with implants. In addition to the standard breast health and risk information, thermography can detect that the implant is in good position with no evidence of leaks.

Thermographic screening is not covered by insurance, but is affordable for most. Peace of mind is priceless! Call us today to schedule your screening!

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