Super-symmetry in Physics and Medicine: Delusions, Miracles, and Asymmetry in Medicine

By Simon Yu, MD

Physics is considered a rather boring subject for most people. When you start talking about quantum physics and theoretical physics, people start rolling their eyes and are ready to jump into a black hole in hyperspace or change the subject. Theoretical physicists are kind of mad, nerdy scientists who love to theorize everything and come up with weird names. One of the theories is super-symmetry. I believe the concept of super-symmetry in theoretical physics is relevant and/or irrelevant to medicine for everyday life.

The Scientific American magazine of May 2014 front page article was questioning a major crisis in physics as if super-symmetry theory did not pan out. It was questioning how to explain the Universe as we know it. For over four decades physicists have been working on a super-symmetry particle physics theory that promised to lead to a deeper understanding of the quantum world, the big mysteries of quantum weirdness.

Super-symmetry postulates that every known particle has a hidden super-partner. In 2012, 10 billion dollar experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN laboratory near Geneva was hoping to solve the mystery of the universe’s missing dark matter. A discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, also called the Higgs elemental particle (nicknamed, God particle), was confirmed in July 2012. Most particle physicists believe that super-symmetry must be true. Higgs Boson has a mass between 125 and 127 Gev/c2.
Despite the success with the discovery of the Higgs Boson, LHC experiments were not able to prove their theory of super-symmetry. LHC is planning for a higher energy big bang experiment in 2015 to uncover super-partners. If, at the end of that run, nothing new shows up, fundamental physics will face a crossroads: either abandon the 45 year old theory or press on and build an even bigger collider to prove that they were right all along.

Super-symmetry is the most widely accepted theory among particle physicists to explain the universe. However, according to Scientific American, there are other competing theories that might push them to think in new directions about physics and cosmology with (1) The Multiverse, (2) Extra Dimensions with a “warped” geometry, and (3) Dimensional Transmutation.

Professionally speaking, I don’t know too much about particle physics, super-symmetry, and complicated mathematic equations but I see many parallel analogies in the belief system of super-symmetry (Yin-Yang) in physics and in medicine.
In medicine, based on a diagnosis, we develop a treatment plan using anti-matter (super-partner) of anti-cholesterol drugs, anti-hypertensive medications, anti-cancer chemo agents, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, or anti-parasitic agents, etc. without fully understanding the underlying causes of why we became sick in the first place.

We spent billions of dollars for a genomic project with a great expectation for new cures for cancer and many incurable medical conditions. However, that did not translate into a new cure but only continued begging for more research funding to answer more questions that were raised. One of the most important understandings from the genomic project was not the genes and DNA sequences but how they are regulated by the environmental feedback system, epigenetics.

I just saw a patient last week from Mississippi with a diagnosis of Delusions of Intestinal Parasitosis. She saw many specialists for her unexplainable abdominal symptoms and crawling sensations on her skin. She finally saw a specialist in Virginia. She gave me an article written by that medical professor in Virginia about delusions of parasitosis which he described as uncommon but an important cause of distress for affected patients and frequently of frustration for their physicians.

At the end of the article, he was implying that these patients are anxious or disturbed people with tactile hallucinations. He said physicians should consider the use of medicine to reduce anxiety or psychotic thinking. He prescribed anti-psychotic medication for her.

I wrote an article, “Parasites and Mental Illness: Delusion of Parasitosis” about ten years ago and questioned the delusion of the merit of science to be able to detect parasites reliably. I have seen many patients who were told there are no signs of parasites by standard tests. They suffer from unexplainable psychiatric symptoms which improve after anti-parasite medications and nutritional supplementation based on acupuncture meridian assessment.

Many miraculous cures happen when I send my patients to dentists or oral surgeons to remove infected root canals or clean out infected jaw bones. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, colitis, migraine headaches, chest pain, arthritis, and even cancer are often associated with unrecognized dental and parasite related problems. Miracles happen when I detox/de-worm my patients, support them with the proper nutrition, and send them to biological dentists at the right time in the right sequence of healing.

Delusion of parasitosis and the delusion of the merit of science beg you to think about who is truly delusional. It is time to move on from super-symmetry to asymmetry in medicine. We need to start to think differently. When I do often give lectures on cancer, I urge the audience to think of asymmetric threats in a context of military operations. The enemy might not be what you think or are led to believe.

Recognizing the disturbed meridian pattern in the jaw and pulling a bad root canal to correct chest pain or arthritic pain means understanding the asymmetric threat. You can get rid of asthma, bronchiectasis, or migraine headache with correct parasite medications as a way of eliminating the asymmetric threat. When you correct hidden dental and parasite problems, sometimes you witness a spontaneous healing, the phenomenon which I call “Accidental Cure.”

Acupuncture and meridian assessments have been known for at least several thousand years. When applying these ancient technologies with modern science, we can crack the code for measuring the immeasurable bio-cybernetic matrix. Now, we are talking about matrix and you are entering into the delusions, miracles, and asymmetry in medicine.

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