Structural Integration and Being Seated

By Sally and Alan Cina

One of the many things we educate our clients about is how to sit. Good posture while seated is very helpful to ones overall health.

Many of us sit too far back and are sitting on the back points of the sitting bones and the tip of the tailbone. This can feel normal. When we sit too far back, then the fight or flight portion of the nervous system is slightly activated. By sitting on the sitting bones we calm the nervous system because sitting on the tailbone impacts the spinal cord.

It is easiest to find your sitting bones on a hard surface. Start by sitting slouchy, then slowly rock your pelvis forward. You should feel the points you are slouching on get longer by approximately an inch. Then check to make sure your body is upright. Your lower back may feel slightly curved forward that is good.

When you have good seated posture the bones of the spine are stacked on top of one another. This stacking is great, as it allows the muscles and nervous system to relax. You can be more present to what is happening around you. You can sit for longer periods of time and use less energy. Your shoulders and neck can relax too.

Here is an experiment you can do to observe the difference in slouching and being upright. Slouch in your chair and say something important to you like ”I am present.” Then find your sitting bones and repeat your phrase. What do you notice?

Finding your sitting bones can be done in the car too. By leaning towards the steering wheel, extending up and rocking your pelvis forward and back – do this until you come into contact with your sitting bones. It assists in being able to drive comfortably for long periods of time.

By practicing being on your sitting bones as much as you can, you start relaxing more and your body will have more energy to do other things and you will feel clearer. You will be noticed with excellent posture. For personal assistance in developing a great relationship with your sitting bones call us to schedule your appointment today.

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