Publisher’s Corner

Dog Days of May and Other Musings

Our long awaited Spring has finally sprung. And plants and people are popping with delight. May is one of the busiest months of the year, next to October. There is so much going on but none as tail wagging as Bark in the Park, May 17 in Forest Park. What a great job the Humane Society of Missouri does for this event. And for the animals who need help and rescuing all year long. I have to admit that I might be more of a cat person than a dog person. But it is a narrow race. We have four cats and two dogs, all of which were orphaned or rescued. Our Border Collie Suk,i herds the cats around the house like sheep, and our Wiener-Lab Shalya has her long black snout into everything. Last week she nipped a toad in the backyard and immediately began to foam at the mouth. After a quick internet search we discovered that toads are toxic to dogs and that many pets die every year from eating them. Shayla luckily just got an educational dose of toad defense and after plenty water and some rest she was soon outside ferreting out bunnies from under the deck. But don’t throw her a tennis ball. Seems her mixed breed is not programmed to catching anything tossed to her. She could play outfield for the Chicago Cubs.

May is also the month of Mother’s Day. And I would like to mention my four favorite moms. My mother Mary Ann, who if alive would have loved being a great-grandmother. My wife Niki who has taken the meaning of “mom” to a whole new level (as if mom’s don’t already have the toughest job in the world.) My daughter Natalie who is the new mom to my 9 month-old grandson Jackson. Natalie, your stock has risen, since you became a mother. My mother-in-law Jan, who did such a great job preparing my wife Niki for motherhood, and for being her best friend. And to all you moms out there, GREAT JOB, for all that you do. Us dads are in awe, whether we say it enough or not. And perhaps a bit envious.

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Hey, what’s up with this Adult Onset Allergies? I wasn’t allergic to anything growing up. I could stick my face in freshly cut grass, or sniff the most fragrant flowers, nothing. And now as a beautiful Spring blooms, I welcome it with a snoot full of snot, a head of lead and an obnoxious cough. Sort of like having a hangover and a cold at the same time. So I broke down and I am taking an allergy pill. Have to say it works. But I am so disgusted that my body has forsaken me and I have to once again support the pharmaceutical industry. I have a netty pot and I have tried all the “natural remedies.” I am feeling better but I miss my immune system of my youth.

We are working to make our suburban yard into a habitat garden and are planting more natives to attract more birds and butterfly species. As people planted more and more ornamentals and non natives over the years they were inadvertently destroying the habitat and food chain for native wildlife. Check out Mitch Leachman’s article on page 9 for more information on what you can do.

Oh, and The Healthy Planet magazine begins our 18th year of publishing in May. Now with my 17 years at the Webster-Kirkwood Times and my time here at the Planet, I am working on my 35th year in publishing. And loving every minute of it!

Honor Your Mother, J.B. Lester; Publisher