Llywelyn’s Pubs Take Step Forward To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Llywelyn’s Pub is proud to announce the addition of 107 kilowatts of solar energy capacity at six locations across the St Louis area. Patrons to its locations in O’Fallon, Webster Groves, St Charles, Soulard, and Central West End will have the satisfaction of knowing that some of the energy used to prepare their meals and provide Llywelyn’s famous pub atmosphere was produced right on-site using 100% carbon-free solar energy. In each of the locations visitors can observe a display monitor providing real-time solar energy output and cumulative benefit along with additional messages about Llywelyn’s other sustainability efforts. Those visiting the Webster Groves and O’Fallon locations will be able to directly observe solar modules in action where they are integrated into outdoor awning structures.

Installed by St Louis’s own StraightUp Solar, the combined 107 kilowatt capacity of the 251 Sunpower 327-watt and 83 Suniva 300-watt solar modules across six locations is expected to produce over 135 MWh of electricity and offset over a quarter million pounds of CO2 emissions per year when compared to coal-fired electricity. The 135 MWh represents approximately 7% of Llywelyn’s Pubs’ total annual electric needs. According to Brett Bennett, co-owner of Llywelyn’s Pub, “Installing solar at all of our locations made complete sense to us as part of our ongoing efforts to help the environment and reduce our footprint. Celebrating Earth Day by unveiling our own solar electricity just seemed like the perfect thing to do and it’s only the first step in additional “green” improvements we will be making as part of the St. Louis Green Business Challenge. On top of the environmental benefits, our solar investment will pay for itself in less than 18 months, after which we will be enjoying free as well as carbon free energy for years to come.”

About Llywelyns:
Llywelyn’s Pub first opened their doors in 1975 in the Central West End and was purchased by the current owners; Chris Marshall, Scott Kemper and Brett Bennett in 1997. Since then they have been taking the past and creating a perfect atmosphere for the present. The restaurant has grown to 6 locations in the metro St. Louis area and includes buildings from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. The owners have worked diligently restoring the old buildings and filling them with salvaged and re-sourced antique back bars, fixtures and woodwork from across the country and even from the historic Gas Light Square area right here in St. Louis. Llywelyn’s Pub specializes in traditional Celtic-American pub fare and prides itself on having the greatest selection of beer and spirits in the area. Their next step is one towards the future with the installation of solar panels combined with an aggressive recycling effort, the switch to all biodegradable paper products and more to come.

About StraightUp Solar:
StraightUp Solar is a turnkey solar energy integration company. Since 2006 StraightUp Solar has brought over 3 MW of solar energy capacity to residential and business customers by designing and installing affordable solar solutions. The company’s collaborative approach provides the education and partnerships necessary to make solar energy accessible. Its list of clients also includes universities, public school systems and city governments. For more information visit www.straightupsolar.com or StraightUp Solar on Facebook.