Replace Inefficient Lighting and Collect Big Returns

Ameren Missouri provides significant cash incentives for lighting upgrades

There are significant advantages for businesses and homeowners to replace inefficient lighting with fixtures and bulbs that are more energy-efficient. In most cases the payback comes within two years. But even better than that, after your return on investment, you continue to save on your electric bill.

The BizSavers® cash Incentives
Ameren Missouri’s BizSaver ActOnEnergy program awards incentives for lighting upgrades that replace inefficient light fixtures and bulbs, as well as new installations. Commercial and business are eligible for cash incentives. The BizSavers standard lighting incentive includes up to $5.00 cash to replace an incandescent light bulb with CFL and up to $11.00 per bulb when you replace a traditional bulb with a LED. There are also incentives available for updates to exit signs and installation of occupancy sensors. Go to any area Metro Electric Supply or Metro Lighting location for a list of standard options. If your project isn’t on the list of standard options, you may qualify for a BizSavers custom lighting incentive. Cash incentives are calculated based on the estimated annual kilowatt hours of energy savings from proposed lighting upgrade. The more you reduce your energy consumption the larger your cash incentive. All equipment purchases must receive preapproval to qualify for custom incentives.

How to apply
For most Ameren Missouri BizSavers incentives, non-residential customers can simply pick from the list of standard energy-saving measures, purchase and install. Then simply mail in your paperwork for your incentive. To be eligible for BizSaver cash incentives, customers must install measures achieving a minimum total incentive of $150 per application. Pre-approval is required before a standard equipment purchase when the incentive amount is expected to exceed $10,000. Applications must be submitted within 180 days of project installation. Confused? Metro Electric and Metro Lighting have the experience to walk you through the process.

The LightSavers® residential lighting rebates.
Ameren Missouri’s LightSavers ActOnEnergy program awards instant rebates for replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient CFL and LED light bulbs. Residential Ameren Missouri customers can earn instant rebates on select ENERGY STAR certified CFL and LED light bulbs at any area Metro Lighting. Metro Lighting is also a member of ActOnEnergy’s free CFL recycling program. Residential customers are encouraged to drop off their spent CFL bulbs at any area Metro Lighting location.

Help is available: Confused? Don’t be! There is professional help available to enable you to take advantage of all of these energy saving incentives. Metro Electric Supply and Metro Lighting is one of the largest and most complete distributors of electrical and lighting products in the greater St. Louis area. Locally owned since 1967, they provide outstanding service to the St. Louis community. Metro Electric Supply and Metro Lighting can conduct an audit to help your business or home reduce energy usage and operating costs, and also provide the equipment to ensure a quick payback for your project. They will ensure your paperwork is correct to avoid any delays in receiving your Ameren Missouri cash incentive and provide the receipts that you would need to apply for any available state and federal tax credits. They are also an Ameren Missouri Platinum Trade Ally, a symbol of top-tier performance in customer service and energy savings.

For a consultation at your place of business, you can call Tim McDonnell at Metro Electric at 314-645-5656, or send an email to timmcdonnell@metroelectricsupply.com. For a consultation at your home, you can call Nick Frisella at Metro Lighting at 314-963-8330, or send an email to nickfrisella@metroelectricsupply.com.