Healing Touch Creates Tranquil Companions

by Maureen Keller,
HTA Practitioner

As a Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) practitioner, I am part of an energy medicine therapy community, whose primary goal is to restore harmony and balance to the entire body. Providing stability,mentally,physically, and emotionally, as the animals connect to their spiritual self.

We are an elite group professionals that are dedicated to bringing energy field therapy to our clients,to give theirs bodies support,enabling them to heal themselves by clearing”energy blocks”. HTA is used in veterinary hospitals,training facilities,shelters,and in homes to assist animals in their healing process and over all well-being. Used with veterinary programs or stand alone therapy.

In addition to my regular canine clients, I volunteer my HTA services to the rescue horses at Happy Hooves Equine Rescue located within Liberty Prairie Farms , a holistic stable, located in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Working with rescue horses is a challenge, as these horses come to Happy Hooves an emotional and physical wreck.

My basic protocol starts with visual assessments, followed by a check for blocked Chakras. After determining where the energy blocks are, I workout a suitable plan of action. These can be resolved in as little as one session, some take more. This can be caused by more than one issue, making the treatment more detailed.

Often emotional issues are the basis of energy blocks. They can become so deep that they manifest themselves as any number of physical dis-eases. Some can cause muscles to tighten to the point of becoming chronic and even displace vertebrae and bone alignment.

When this happends the horse can become too sensitive for muscle massage or chiropractic adjustment.

Kristen Baker, CMT and Derick Neihaus, D.C both work on the rescues at Happy Hooves. We developed a protocol which start with me opening up the energy blocks and relaxing the horse enough for Kristen to release the muscle tension which enables “Doc” to make his adjustments. The result is a horse that is emotionally and physically balanced , ready for Mary, the owner of LPF, to rehab them for their “forever” homes…

Maureen is a Level 4 HTA practitioner in process of certification, owner of Tranquil Companion, and a beginner natural farrier,in the Ida Hammer Applied Whole Horse Hoof Care Certification Program. All studies are aimed toward being a proficient HTA practitioner.
For more informatoin visit Maureen’s website, www.tranquilcompanion.com, call (618) 972-8267, or email spoiledrotts@gmail.com.
Kristen- www.functionalfours.com