Art & Nature Summer Camp Offered By Local Elementary Art Teacher

by Glenda Moore

When I was a child, I played outside all day, every day, catching tiny frogs and fireflies, watching the clouds for the pictures that they created, building tiny gardens for small unseen friends. These days children are inside more than ever connected to the world through screens, large and small. This modern trend has been documented and commented upon as ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ and children are needing help in finding a relationship to the natural world that came easily in my own childhood. This summer I am offering a summer camp where the children will spend time outside in my yard filled with native plants, butterfly and rain gardens learning some basic information about the ecological web including names of butterflies and their host plants. After playing and learning outside, we will travel indoors to create an artistic response to our nature experience in a plethora of media. We may paint a translucent watercolor painting or use modeling beeswax or clay to create some of the animals or flowers we have seen. We may knit or sew some birds or other animals to take home. We may sew some small dolls and create a puppet play of a story to share with the parents. We may create a picture of colored wool fibers on a wool felt background of a scene with a tree and sky and little creatures. We may work with wood to create a fine fairy house or some blocks to take home. There are so many possibilities! And, of course, when we are hungry, there will be home-made bread and other whole foods to share with our friends. Each day will include singing, nature experiences, a wholesome snack, an artistic activity and a story.

Glenda Moore, who has degrees in elementary education with minors in art education and ceramics, will teach this wonderful camp for 6 to 12 year olds. Open-ended art experiences will adapt to different levels of skill. Glenda has taught children for many years and had her own school from 2000 to 2012. These weekend and summer classes are her next chapter in an unfolding journey. Classes are offered on Saturdays and a five-day summer camp beginning in June. Please call 314-646-0626 for more information.