3 Reasons to Grow and Eat Organic

by Brigitte Zettl of Crown Valley Organics

What is Organic exactly?

To know for certain that something is organic, look for the USDA Certified Organic logo.
There are two main guidelines required for farms and greenhouses to be certified:
The plant must be grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. An organic grower works with nature simulating the balance of a healthy ecosystem, gently tipping the scales in favor of their crops. Conversely conventional agriculture depends on harsh synthetic chemicals like organophosphates.

The plant must not have been propagated from a genetically modified organism (GMO).
A GMO plant has had its genetic material altered in a way that would not occur in nature. For example, to create a more cold tolerant tomato, scientists have inserted fish genes into tomato DNA.

Why should you care?

  1. Your HEALTH, Foods grown organically have been shown to have higher nutritional value and are usually more flavorful than conventionally grown foods. Besides being better for you, organic foods are safer for you too! Studies have linked organophosphates to 16 types of cancer. If you were to be tested for this chemical today, odds are you would have it in your blood, fat and urine. The long term effects of GMOs on our bodies are untested and unknown, however these crops are grown using high levels of organophosphates.
  2. The ENVIRONMENT, Pesticides like those used in conventional agriculture don’t just kill the target. Populations of pollinators like bees are being dramatically affected by these chemicals. No pollinators, no food. Synthetic fertilizers are cited as major contaminants of our water supply. In a recent review the EPA reported only 5% of our nations streams were in good health. Crossbreeding with GMOs is causing the genetic integrity of crops cultivated by our ancestors to be irreversibly altered.
  3. SOCIETY, Advocates argue that more food can be grown by one person using conventional agriculture. However, what happens to all the jobs when only one person and a machine are needed to grow hundreds of people’s food? Bio-intensive organic agriculture takes more hands, but produces more food per acre. CULTURE comes from Agriculture. Humans would not have settled in one place long enough to develop civilization without it. A connection with our food and farms is part of being human.

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