Nature Wisdom

with Pat Tuholske,

Life Among Cedars

Our little house is nestled among a Cedar grove. These trees are the gatekeepers of our sanctuary. We feel protected and blessed living among them. Every day we witness the Cedars dance with the breeze, flicker with birds and diffuse the glow of sunset. They graciously scent the air and display branches adorned with frost or a late snowfall. I wonder at Cedar’s strength, constancy and endurance as they are buffeted by March winds.

Flocks of red-breasted Robins over-wintered among our Cedars. Plump juicy blue berries still adorn the tips of the branches and beckon the drove to come feast and nest. The flutter of wings fills the sky as they swoop low over the treetops. We hear a hundred in song as their clear carol fills the deep green trees.

I often visit the Grandmother Cedar on the edge of our Medicine Wheel. I climb into the lower branches and sit with my back against her bark. Nestled within her dense greenery, I feel hidden away from the world for a bit. If I’m lucky, the robins join me with their cheerful chuckles as they flit from berry to branch.

Nature now seems full of quiet expectation. The land still lies bare as seeds stir underground. Some hardy buds are swelling to the welcoming sun in anticipation of warmer days. During my walks, I delight in the bright spots of Cedar coaxing the browns and grays of the landscape to awaken to the green. They truly rejuvenate me as I wander among them…. awakening all my senses and filling my spirit.

When I am feeling off balance or unsure, the Cedars offer me patience and serenity… peace and stability. Their strength brings restoration to all who enter their realm. I often make a prayer bundle by gathering a few branches, tying the stems together with a ribbon and hanging in the doorway or ceiling for protection, purification and healing.

The Cedar has given us much in our long historical relationship. During the Middle Ages with plague sickening cities, Cedar was burned to cleanse the air. Its smoke has been used for centuries to purify energies and protect the spirit. Ancient Egyptians used oil of Cedarwood for mummification and cosmetics. Cedarwood aids the skin and respiratory systems and is used as an insect repellent. It helps relieve anxiety and nervous tension. Inhale the scent for dream recall. Cedar’s steel blue berries can be chewed when exposed to contagious disease.

Since ancient times, Cedars have symbolized life. One of the oldest trees on earth, they have long been a sign of hope with the promise of renewal and rebirth. Cedars are survivors. They have much to teach about bouncing back from adversity and letting your true color shine even in the darkest of days.

Living among the Cedars has carried me deep into my inner self and the consistent renewal of my spiritual journey as I walk this Earth. Living among the Cedars, I hear the voice of my wonder child who still believes in the magic of the world.

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