Self-Improvement Tips For The New Year

Learning to Love Ourselves…
Whitney Houston’s song plays in my mind from time to time. In a world searching for heroes or something to believe in outside of ourselves, we forget that the “Greatest Love of All” is inside of each of us. Spend time finding ways to be gentle with yourself, to love yourself. It will have a rippling effect and touch everyone you meet. Appreciate beauty and Nature. Take care of your body. Get a massage. Breathe. Be Grateful. Find the greatest love of all, inside of you.

C. Goodnetter, LMT, NCTMB, Director
A Gathering Place – Massage School and Clinic

Choose How You Think!
It’s the new year! What do you hope to change? Lasting change often starts with a renewed perspective. One of the most powerful assets gifted to human beings is the ability to choose how we think. When you feel stuck, do you consider how every situation is FOR you? What is the learning? Some call it “finding the gold”. Napoleon Hill deemed it “the seed of equivalent advantage” in every adversity. It may take practice, but changing our thoughts is a primary step toward strengthening our resolve, our health, our future, and our relationship with the outside world.
the center for mind, body and spirit

Deborah Zorensky, ms, rd, ld, ccn

Remove Negative Core Beliefs
Your “Core Beliefs” are the pilot navigating the ship of your life. All decisions and choices are made based on these beliefs. The sad thing is that most people are carrying around unresolved emotional issues that contribute to the formation of negative core beliefs. The pain from this is self-inflicted and plays major havoc with your sense of “Value” and “Self Worth”. My tip for you is to encourage you to learn how to remove these negative core beliefs and restore your health and wellbeing to its fullest potential. I can help you do that!

Blessings and Peace, Chaplain Paul
Director for Medical Spiritual Wellness
Prevention and Healing, Inc.
Office 314-432-7802; Cell 314-440-1527
E-mail pjoh420@aol.com

Stress Reduction
Too much stress or the inability to deal with stress can greatly impact your health. Stress can increase depression, headaches, panic attacks and ulcers. It can weaken the immune system, decrease quality of sleep, and increase risk of injury. To better handle stress we must first identify the source. Remember to stay positive, get organized, and be assertive. Make prioritized lists of what MUST be done vs. what SHOULD be done. Set goals and reward yourself for achievements. Chiropractic care, proper nutrition, posture, exercise, sleep and relaxation are all key components to keeping your mind and body ready for anything. Have any injuries, aches, or pains assessed and treated to reduce the stresses that you can control.

For more information contact Committed to Health Chiropractic Center at 314-542-2003
or go on our website at www.committedtohealth.us

Basics for Better Health
PROBIOTICS – A broad spectrum professional grade product to support your digestion, detoxification, and immune system. GREEN SMOOTHIES! – Rich in B-vitamins, fiber and ENERGY producing. MOVE! – Stretch – try the 8 movements of Qi Gong for 90 days and you will be amazed at the improvements you will see. BREATHE! – Six deep breaths while pushing the abdomen muscles out. Hold for 8 seconds and slowly exhale releasing the stagnant air.

Cheers! Amy Davis MD
Go to: www.crossingbacktohealth for Qi Gong instructions, my favorite green recipes and more tips for your health.

Reshape Your Well Being
Whether weight loss is an issue and/ or you have a list of symptoms that are plagueing you or a loved one, regain your vitality and maintain the victory of your health with newly adopted eating strategies, hormone balancing, detoxification and immune enhancement all in one Dr assisted program. Start the New Year off with guidance in the area of eating real food, with no chemicals or products to buy, while integrating very gentle exercise. We will profoundly reshape your well being, together, which is a gift to you for the New Year and forever.

Dr Sharon Fitelson
InMotion Health Center

Focus on Positive Goals
Well, its that time of year again when people all over the world start setting their new years resolutions. And, that’s always a good thing! By far, the most popular of all resolutions is losing weight and getting healthy. In 2014, Focus on Positive Goals with your diet, rather than deprivation. All too many people focus on “I’m not eating this”, “I’m giving up that”, “No more of this”, etc. when they start changing their dietary habits. Instead, focus your dietary goals around eating more of what your body needs: Lots of Lean proteins, Fruits, Vegetables, and Water! Focus on getting good stuff in, not so much on “keeping the bad stuff out.”

Dr. Adam Hughes
Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center

Successful Resolutions
Reflections for a Successful New Year.
I love psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman’s take on what makes for successful resolutions, he advises the following: Focus on one goal; Break the goal into small achievable steps; Give yourself a small reward upon achieving each step; When you slip, focus on the upside of success and resume your previous efforts; Journal your progress; Broadcast your goal to friends and supportive community. If being healthy and full of vitality is your goal for the New Year, consider partnering with Preventive Medicine to support this worthy endeavor.

Varsha Rathod M.D.

A Good Night’s Sleep
Nothing ruins health or looks like not getting enough sleep. 7 1/2 hours minimum. If you are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep you need to have your hormones checked: adrenal hormones, sex hormones and thyroid. Don’t drink or eat caffeine during the day if you are having sleep problems. Also, watch out for exercising in the evening, if may keep you up. Get your TV out of the bedroom whether you are having sleep problems or not. If you can’t sleep at night because those happen to be your working hours, try to change it if you can. Occasional late nights won’t cause too many problems but if working at night is a permanent fixture in your life, remember that they don’t call it the “graveyard shift” for nothing. If persons or situations are preventing sleep, do your best to remove yourself from the person or situation. If you are unable to do this, pray or meditate about it. The universe will respond.

Rosa Kincaid, M.D.
Kincaid Wellness and Anti-Aging Center
3016 Locust Street Suite 104
Saint Louis, MO 63103 314-531-0008

Release the Past
Everyone has a story. Everyone’s story is filled with major and minor characters. All of the characters in our story – our parents, friends, loves, children, co-workers, acquaintances, people important to us both living and gone are linked to us and to all of humanity energetically. We really are one; we are connected. What we choose for ourselves, we choose for others – we choose for all of humanity at some level. Why not choose thoughts, feelings and actions that pen the story you truly wish to write. Release the Past, Embrace Today, Envision Peace for all.

Dorothy Tomasic, Certified EPT Works
and Emotion Code Practitioner

Weight Release Workshop
Practitioners at Holistic Journey have created a workshop combining four spiritual approaches to help you achieve your Weight Loss resolution! This Weight Release Workshop will be on Sunday, Jan. 26, 11am-3pm, and offers an interactive circuit to teach you tools and techniques to help you succeed. This experience includes Aromatherapy(working with essential oils), Intentional Cooking, Vibrational Tuning Fork Healing with Gemstone charging, and Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you release stuck thoughts and feelings that contribute to emotional eating or holding onto stress.

Holistic Journey is located at 216 Frank Scott Parkway (1/2 mile east of Hwy 159) in Swansea, IL.
To Register call 618-234-8280

Traditional Yoga School
Our health, as a community, has been my concern since 1997. Our high quality yoga program prioritizes the preparation of the instructors to reflect the true yogic principles onto their students. Our program focuses intensely on internal preparation as well as physical postures, in order to yield successful teachers with much to offer. Our main concern is to encourage re-connection with one’s self, thus unleashing one’s full potential, by gaining a deeper understanding of how the mind, body, and emotions operate. We have a unique team of professionals eager to share their knowledge with you.

Jaime Sanchez
West-East Natural Healing Traditional Yoga School

Improve Posture – with Help from a TREE!
Rx for a keyboard-tapping slouch: Go outdoors and stand by a tree. Reach up, way up! Stretch arms and fingers like noble branches! Stretch legs and feet down toward the root zone. Deep-breathe gratitude for the plant-and-human life force/waste exchange. Drop burdens from shoulders, mind, heart and let them compost. Receive the gift of kinship, through a tree-friend, with All My Relations! Enjoy. Repeat. Step away. Maintain. Appropriate for all ages. This is my 2014 Resolution, and part of a larger plan to get butt outdoors into the nature I work for and profess to love!

Jean Ponzi’ Green Resources Manager
EarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden
4651 Shaw Boulevard
St. Louis MO 63110

Drink More Water
Each morning before I eat or drink my coffee I drink an 8 oz. glass of water. Refresh and cleanse yourself first thing in the morning with a glass of water before putting any other liquid or food into your body. A hydrated body allows for a healthy flow of oxygen, leaving you more energized and alert. Drinking water is a natural detox and can even aid in weight loss and clearer skin. It will also help you better absorb nutrients and increase production of new blood and muscle cells. There are many other benefits to enjoy. Drink up!

Karen Klaus, Director of Development
Operation Food Search,
(314) 726-5355 X 23

Burn Palm Wax Candles
Try burning Palm Wax Candles instead of soy this year. Like soy, palm wax burns cleaner and soot free, but also offers other major benefits. Unlike most soy wax, which is genetically modified, chemically distilled and commercially grown, Aloha Bay Eco Palm wax candles are the most eco-friendly candles on the planet. Eco Palm Wax is a steam distilled essential oil that has therapeutic benefits just like other naturally occurring essential oil scents, and these candles are vegan without beeswax, paraffin, or synthetic petrochemical additives. You’ll know you’re helping yourself & the planet the next time you burn a candle…whether for mood enhancement, creating that special atmosphere, or color therapy work.

126 S. Central Ave., Eureka MO 63025

Unite for a Good Cause
Enhance your power and influence to do good in the world by uniting with like-minded people to improve your space on the planet. Whether you support nonprofit organizations, participate in a school or professional organization, or your neighborhood association or garden, a group of people who are united for a purpose can make the improvements they envision. Act within your power in 2014– apply art, music, dance, cooking, gardening, writing, calling, storytelling, praying, mapping, walking, cycling, researching, quilting, fishing, teaching, or whatever your gift may be to a problem and share your energy with a group working for solutions.

by Kathleen Logan Smith
Director of Environmental Policy
Coalition For The Environment

Breathe, Relax, Smile
You’re not “doing it wrong.” You’ve simply forgotten who you are, and why you are here. Dive into this moment and remember. Breathe. Relax. Smile. How do you know that you are exactly where you need to be? Because this is where you are. Everything You Need Is Right Here.

Kimberly Schneider, M.Ed., J.D., LPC is a transformational coach and speaker and the author of Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic and Miracles.
Request Kimberly’s free eCourse by visiting www.KimberlySchneider.com and receive the introduction and sample chapter of her book.

Spend Time in Nature
A prescription for health and happiness is to spend some time in nature and in the garden. The easiest way to absorb the healing and enlivening energy of nature is to take a walk where you are surrounded by the beauty of growing things. Year round walks in large city parks, our own amazing botanical garden, in rural nature reserves and state parks are all places that enhance health and happiness by simply spending time in them. In warmer months spend time in your own garden planting, digging, harvesting and caring for plants that nurture your body and your soul.

Linda Wiggen Kraft is a landscape designer who creates holistic and sustainable gardens. She is also a mandala artist and workshop leader.
Visit her blog: www.CreativityForTheSoul.com/blog
or website: www.CreativityForTheSoul.com
Contact her at 314 504-4266.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!
Llywelyn’s Pub would like to share with you our top five reasons why you should drink more craft beer in 2014. 1) Good Food and Good Beer go hand in hand. Come into any of our 6 locations and try some of our tasty Celtic pub fare while sipping on a great beer to cleanse the palette. 2) Health Benefits. Some research says craft beer has the same health benefits as red wine, but then again we’re not doctors, just beer aficionados! Growlers! By purchasing a $5.00 growler at your local Llywelyn’s Pub you can fill and refill as many craft beers as you’d like. 3) Great beer equals great times! Nowhere better than Llywelyn’s Pub with over 40+ draughts. 4) Drink more, earn more. Join our VIP program and start receiving rewards every time you come in! Bonus: More Beer, More Food, More Fun! Shall I say anymore?

Visit our website for a complete list of what we are offering. www.llywelynspub.com.

Change Negative Thoughts
“We become what we think” is a quote from the Budha. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what we think, how we think, and to change negative, old thought patterns into positive thoughts patterns. Affirmations, gratitude and hypnosis are all ways to help change negative thought patterns. For more information contact

Linda Weber Spradling, CHt, CCT
Hypnotherapy of Metro St. Louis
“Agent for positive Change”

Resolve to Meditate
Does your list of resolutions for the New Year include reducing stress and anxiety or leading a healthier lifestyle? If so, consider adding one more resolution to your list. Learn to meditate in 2014 and help make this resolution a reality in your life! Thousands of scientific studies have shown that meditation is beneficial for a wide range of health problems. Other benefits include better sleep, reduced blood pressure, and improved relationships. Doctors cite stress as a contributing factor to many illnesses. As stress is greatly reduced through meditation, our minds and bodies function with more effectiveness, creating health, vitality and happiness! Resolve to meditate in 2014!

Shirley Stoll is certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra to teach Primordial Sound Meditation. Contact Shirley Stoll to reserve space in a meditation class in 2014. Discounts are available for senior citizens, full time students, and military personnel.

Love Without Limitations
For world peace we must master “unconditional love” (love without limitations). Start with our own home and families, our workplace, our schools, our communities, state, nation and globally. The sancity of life is suffering around the globe. Violence and abuse are common in today’s world . What can we do to make a difference for the future of our children, their children, and so on? It is a huge undertaking, but we must learn and live unconditional love, so that we can give this gift of love to our future generations. This is my mantra for 2014.

Mary Magill, Alternative Hospice

Eat A Salad Every Day
“Sometimes it can be hard to make sure you eat enough vegetables each day. One easy way to add several servings of vegetables in one meal is by enjoying a salad daily. Think of your salad as a blank canvas – each day your salad can be a new colorful work of art. Paint your plate by starting off with a dark, leafy green, such as spinach, and add a variety of brightly-hued, crunchy vegetables. To avoid boredom, switch up your veggie selection each time. Top with a lean protein and light salad dressing and you’ve got a delicious, healthy, fiber-filled meal.”

Kari Hartel, RD, LD Program Coordinator, Cooking Matters, Operation Food Search
314.726.5355 ext. 22

Maintaining Balance
No doubt about it. “The times they are changin’,” as the folksong declares. Change births opportunity as new experiences replace previous ones. Maintaining balance among spirit, mind, emotions, and body helps us manage change and embrace opportunities. Balance reduces stress, maintains clarity, and enhances joy. An easy way to gain balance is hand reflexology. Perform any time, any place. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, center oneself, and rub the fingers, back, palms, and wrist. Repeat on tender areas. Learn simple and effective techniques to improve health, sleep, and energy.

Visit www.TheStoneInstitute.org for classes and FREE e-newsletters.

Eat More Plants
Eat a wide variety and eat them every day. One way to easily incorporate more plant food is planning to eat a vegetable based smoothie, soup, and salad every single day. Your body is a miraculous self-healing machine that can only deploy these healing mechanisms when given proper fuel. You don’t have to commit to being vegetarian. By simply maximizing daily plant food consumption, you supply your body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to prevent onset of chronic diseases that we mistakenly accept as the normal consequence of aging. Let your food be your medicine!

Monica Stoutenborough – PuraVegan Cafe & Yoga
307 Belt Ave., St. Louis, Mo 63112

Shop at Smaller Stores
Tend to struggle with eating healthy? Consider where you’re shopping. When you shop at traditional chain stores you have to work hard at avoiding the temptations throughout the store. There are really good smaller stores who understand your needs. These smaller stores carry more variety of the items you want and they are not bombarding you with thousands of bad items. It’s a little like an alcoholic working at a liquor store, Why temp yourself? Shop at smaller healthy food stores who understand your needs.

Randy Greene
Greene’s Country Store and Feed
8621 Hwy N, Lake St Louis Mo.

Enjoy Your Journey
As you walk into 2014, give your life a greater sense of purpose by taking the time to clarify your deepest intentions. Notice the direction in which your heart is pulling you, then go for it! Make sure your action won’t harm you or anyone else, then do it! But always be mindful about where you’re headed. In answer to the question, “How do I get to Mount Olympus?” Socrates once answered, “One step at a time in that direction!” Define your Mount Olympus and head in that direction with a compassionate attitude and presence of mind, always remembering to enjoy the journey!

Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks
The Soul-Esteem Center
105A Progress Pkwy. Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Compost for Your Soil
St. Louis Composting is the region’s largest producer of nature’s ultimate renewable resource. Compost is the product that comes from the decomposition of organic material and enhances the life of soil used in lawns and gardens. At St. Louis Composting we supply hobbyists and professionals alike with top quality STA-Certified Compost, mulch and soil blends while simultaneously reducing landfill waste across the area.

Visit any of our 4 local facilities.
St. Louis Composting
39 Old Elam Ave., Valley Park, MO 63088

My weight loss clients stay focused on healthy eating and exercise habits by practicing self-hypnosis daily for 20 minutes. Most use a recording of one of their sessions to relax, focus and reinforce the positive habits that create the behavioral changes which lead to weight loss. Just stopping to relax deeply for 20 minutes is very healing. The hypnotic relaxation allows the client to reduce stress and restore a sense of control over their choices. The clients that practice this form of relaxation, exceed the results of those that do not use self-hypnosis by a significant amount. Because of self-hypnosis, the suggestions become automatic unconscious habits.

William Mitchell M. Div., BCH, CI
Founder/Managing Director
Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic
Two Cityplace Drive, Creve Coeur) MO

How To Calm Your Mind In A Snap
#1 As soon as you notice you are thinking or feeling something less desirable say to yourself. “Pause” #2 Place your hand on your heart or belly (or both). #3 Take in a breath and blow out any tension. #4 Look at your feet and wiggle your toes. Get back into your body. #5 Notice one thing in your environment that you like. #6 Smile. #7 Take a new breath. Congratulations! You have now meditated.

by Vera Gabliani, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Read, Recycle, Enjoy Arts
Enrich the New Year by reading a good book (great way to spend a winter evening, too!) Help the planet by recycling some things that might be headed to a landfill (especially nice if that recycling creates something beautiful). Support the arts in our community. You can fulfill all of these resolutions with a handmade bookmark from Stone Hollow Studio. Made from a recycled antique piano key, each bookmark is a hand-etched, original work of art.

See these, & more, at www.StoneHollowStudio.com
and at www.StoneHollowArt.com

Health Holistically
Keep your immune system strong and healthy with Nature’s Sunshine’s Vitamin C to prevent or overcome colds and sore throats, Echinacea to open up the lymph system and our Nature’s Immune Stimulator for overworked adrenal glands. Get immediate relief with Licorice Root in capsule or liquid form to overcome painful strep throats and laryngitis. Take 10 minutes a couple of times a day to rest. Most important of all is to make peace with those you have had problems with in the past. Release unresolved issues, move into health holistically. Go within to embrace and maintain your own state of peace, love, forgiveness and harmony.

by Evy Coppola, CNHC
29 W. Moody, Webster Groves, MO. 63119

Join A CSA Farm
Every January is full of so many resolutions, “I will’s” and “I want to’s”, often in regards to food and diet. I invite you to throw those out the window with me this year and instead make just one commitment that you’ll be enjoying the (health) benefits of long past 2014: Join a CSA farm! In the world of small-scale farming, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By signing up for a CSA share, you’re signing you and your family up for 24 or more weeks of fresh produce, locally and thoughtfully grown. In my opinion, it’s the best way to commit to eating lots of veggies, trying new ingredients, and cooking seasonally. I think being a part of a CSA leads to CSE – common sense eating.

Molly Rockamann, Founding Director, EarthDance. 

Learn from Our Animals
Great balancing allies are learned from our animal companions. My dog shows me she can relax in just about any corner of the house with or with out me! Cats prove to be teachers of play-time; get out the toys and cat nip and it’s a party! Horses example graceful power. In their perfect natural state, they move with a flow that looks effortless yet strong. So three tips for the new year; relax, whether it is hanging out or reading a book. Play, in whatever form feels right. And know you are strong, as you gracefully move forward.

Jennifer Scalia, Jenzpets@me.com

Eat Healthier in 2014
If your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier, Ann Lemcke, owner of The Art of Entertaining, suggests substituting warm water for oil in your homemade salad dressing; this reduces your fat and calorie intake by 90%! Stop by The Art of Entertaining for a tasty, healthy, low calorie, low sodium or gluten free dinner that is already prepared for your convenience. Our affordable dinners are made fresh daily! We use fresh herbs, fruit, spices and vegetables in our dinners for great flavor without all the fat and calories!

The Art of Entertaining,
8796 Big Bend Rd., 63119

Take A Daily Multi-Vitamin
Commit to taking a good multi-vitamin every day. Unless you are eating organic food and have a really clean diet, you need to take a multi-vitamin. Consider it insurance for your body. Look for a whole food vitamin that contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals. I also like them to contain antioxidants, trace minerals, amino acids, proteins and enzymes. A great multi-vitamin will improve your immune system and protect your cells. When you take the right combination of vitamins and mineral, you jump start your day with energy.

Do you have questions about herbs or vitamins? Send them to:
Cathy Schram, CNHP and Certified Herbalist
Write to: Herbs & More, 16021 Manchester Rd., Ellisville, MO 63011

Self, movement & Core

  1. With self-improvement, we must first have self-acceptance. Love the person that you are today in order to grow into the person you want to be tomorrow.
  2. Movement is a major theme with improvement. Move your body, move your bowels, and move the bad habits out of the way in order to make room for new habits.
  3. All healing starts with the core. Our digestion is at our very core, therefore keeping the diet simple and preservative-free is a start to building a healthy digestion.

Jamila Owens-Todd, ND, Naturopathic Doctor


Gardening: A New Year’s Resolution
Interested in starting your own garden in 2014? Gardening is as easy as you want it to be.Gardening, Helpful Hints: Order seeds of vegetables and herbs that you enjoy eating and organize them according to planting dates. Start the following seeds indoors under grow lights mid February through mid April (broccoli, cabbage, onions, eggplant, early tomatoes and peppers) Choose an area that gets full sun. Plant the following outdoors in tilled soil in early spring (broccoli, cabbage, greens, carrots, peas, chard, radishes, potatoes, onions, scallions, strawberries, beets & turnips. In late spring, plant tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, melons, peppers, beans, okra, raspberries, blackberries, basil and dill. In the summer, plant the same crops you planted in early spring, as well as sweet potatoes and winter squash. Save your scraps! Start a compost pile. Compost is great for your garden. Read up! Public libraries have thousands of books on gardening. A great resource is the University of Missouri Extension. Visit their website, http://extension.missouri.edu/ for regional gardening tips. Garden Heights Nursery in Saint Louis is an excellent source for Organic vegetable starts. www.gardenheights.com Morgan County Seeds and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds are great local sources. Seeds of Change has a great organic seed selection. No time to garden? Join La Vista CSA Farm and receive fresh local produce at the peak of its season from mid-May through mid-November.

Visit www.lavistacsa.org for more information. Happy Planting! To read the full article, visit my blog www.growingcreatinginspiring.blogspot.com