Healthy “Life” Resources

With Chaplain Paul

2014, Here We Come!

Over the past several months I have worked with many people who are improving the quality of their health and wellbeing by addressing the toxic issues in their lives and making major changes. As part of the process they all develop a Wellness Plan of Care to implement into their lives. The following is a list of things that seem to be universal that they are discovering in their lives now.

  • I need to identify the unfinished issues in my life that are toxic and resolve them.
  • I am finding a clarity of direction and purpose in my life.
  • I am definitely taking more risks…
  • I am not afraid.
  • I am learning to deal with and accept the messes in my life with a patience and commitment for creating order.
  • I am more aware of my inner self, my inner child and a better parent to myself.
  • I am seeing the results of having less and less toxicity in my life.
  • I am feeling more liberty and freedom in ways I would have never thought possible.
  • I now know the meaning of my “Inner Embrace”… I am learning to love myself.
  • My inner child has come forth to be integrated with my whole being. I no longerfeel conflicted.
  • I am discovering my uniqueness and how
  • I fit into life.

I am excited for them and even more convinced now by the witness of the changes in their lives that the skills I am teaching really do work. If you would like to explore how this might help you, I would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation and explain my program to you.

Dr. Yu and I want to invite you again to our Medical Spiritual Wellness Support Group at Prevention and Healing. The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Please come and join us for an evening of fellowship, learning and spiritual empowerment.

The address is:
10908 Schuetz Road
St Louis, Mo 63146
Next Meeting Tuesday January 21, 2013.

Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, M.Div.
Director for Medical Spiritual Wellness
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