Publisher’s Corner

Comes To Mind On Deadline

Sometimes nothing prolific comes to mind on deadline. That is why we columnists do these quick hits of thought geared to tickle your fancies and perhaps raise the hair on your neck.

  • Leaves are falling, floating to the ground while squirrels scurry to hide their winter cache. It’s Autumn, summer has left the building and Jack Frost is knocking at the door.
  • Nothing is better than being with family on Thanksgiving. Good food & warm hearts.
  • October baseball in St. Louis. The Cardinals in the World Series. Wish I could afford a ticket. But my front row couch seat will do just fine. Go Cards! Pass the Queso.
  • Jackson, my 3-month-old grandson, smiled again today. And giggled. Oh, my, that warms the heart and brings a tear to grandpa.
  • Yet to see if Affordable Healthcare Act is actually affordable. Can’t get on the website. Big mistake by the AHA crew. Good fodder for the GOP. But their brand is already bottom shelved. Such a mess in Washington. Need to nominate Mr. Clean. Or is it Ms. Clean? Some fun politics ahead. If that is your idea of fun.
  • Had another great expo on Oct. 20. A special thanks to St. Louis Composting for sponsoring the event, Chipotle for offering gift cards, and Urban Chestnut for craft beer samples. There was great music by Terri Langerak and Carol Eder, too! Look for our next event in mid to late March.
  • Only three months until the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia Feb. 7-23. While all eyes will be on downhill skiers Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller, Niki and I prefer the more meditative winter sport of Curling. Sort of like chess on ice. Check it out!
  • My tomato plants have offered their last crop. The growing season is over. Good, maybe now the fleas will die. Our two dogs and four cats hope so, too!
  • Someone better figure out that people continue to text and drive, or don’t drive. How many times do you sit at a light, and the car in front of you doesn’t move when the light turns green? Time for another law because people can’t police themselves I guess.
  • I have come to the conclusion there is no Bigfoot, but there are definitely ghosts. And I am pretty sure their is an alien living under our deck. The dogs think it’s an opposum, but no animal on earth looks like that!
  • If you don’t recycle at home or the office, you should be ashamed. Yes, that means you Big Bill. It’s not a political issue, it’s an earth issue.
  • Cold nights, warm blankets, old movies, a wife and dogs who love you. I guess Autumn is not so bad. It’s tough for Leos to admit that. And then I smell blueberry muffins baking. Yummmmm. Tis the season for baked goods!

Happy Autumn J.B. Lester