Emotional Peace For The Holidays

By Dorothy Tomasic, M.A.
Certified EPT Works
and Emotion Code Practitioner

Emotional Peace, oh, doesn’t that just sound relaxing, nurturing, centering and… well, peaceful! Breathe in Peace, breathe out worry and stress.

As we enter into the holiday season and begin expending our time and energy on extra planning, shopping, visiting, entertaining and you name it, our lives at times may seem anything but peaceful! During this time of heightened activity and involvement, can come added stress to our bodies and our minds. We tend to work off of a very long list of what needs to get done, focusing on others, their needs and wishes. Of course, this focus on others is an important theme for the holidays! Even so, it is important to continue to take care of ourselves, allowing us to be present and available, in a balanced way to the people most important to us. Continuing and not forgoing Peace inducing activities and practices such as walking, yoga, rest, meditation or even receiving a healing therapy you enjoy is especially important during the holidays.

You may already know that practicing Forgiveness promotes Emotional Peace. Is there someone or something in your life you need to forgive? A family member? A boss? A decision? Yourself? Is there an upcoming gathering you want to avoid because unresolved hurts may resurface? Breathing in thoughts of forgiveness and compassion for the person you have a grievance with (and that person may be you) and then breathing out the pain or hurt allows for a release of pent up emotional energy, making room for new, fresh energy to fill you and help heal your heart. If forgiveness is tricky for you, you may need to forgive yourself for believing that you don’t know how to forgive! The simple action of breathing in forgiveness and letting go of anger, resentment and hurt is healing. To stretch the action further, you can think of the person who hurt you in a new way, sending them love and compassion. Forgiveness is not about forgetting or overlooking a hurt, it is about making a decision and choice to feel and then release our pain in order to free ourselves from the past. Study after study has found that forgiving is good for the body as well as the soul.

During this holiday season, when Peace is the goal and extra time may be hard to come by, try simply breathing in Peace and Forgiveness, and breathing out what doesn’t serve you. For further study on how to forgive, the two books I like to share are: Forgive for Good by Frederic Luskin and Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping. May your holiday season be filled with an abundance of Emotional Peace!

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