Earthworms Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Bare Trees

One bright morning in early November
My eyes open into a lattice of branches:
The colors are gone!
The leafy space empty!

What happened to this Growing Season?

This year’s Spring bestirred so slowly…
Chilly rains kept April creeping
Life-force, tempered, held back buds
Until a mid-May BURST of Greening

Summer days were mild, a blessing
So many nights cooled just by breezes
With rain enough to naturally water
‘Til Dog Star beams ignited August.

Through all this round of leaves a-flutter
Did I feel the heat of Living?

Yes, I picked and savored basil, tomatoes,
Frolicked through the fêtes of Summer
Enjoyed the early Autumn dazzle
But did I absorb Earth’s essence, really?

Big Green, turned brown, morphs into compost
Life cycles into deeper feelings

This isn’t a problem – I’m not complaining
I love perspective stilled by Winter:

Stark, clear views-through the tangled places
Obscured by small-L life’s profusion

I treasure the season when frozen waters,
Reveal, in stillness, inner patterns,
The busy habits of thought and feeling,
And chill-out pace sustains reflection:

Resolve to better feel this Living.

Now morning views are planar beauty.
Sketched on the sky, a linear matrix,
In skeletal browns and grays of Winter
Earth’s archetypal architecture.

In the bare trees, Life rests, waiting
To rouse and grow and Green all Being.

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