What Causes You To Look Older Than You Are?

by Dr. Carrie Jardine

We all get older but accelerated aging can occur at any age. For example, one day four years ago, my mirror told me I aged 10 years in the past month. I ate good, exercised, took supplements and lived spiritually and yet those wrinkles and eye circles revealed my organs weren’t working well!

I quickly conducted a hormone and stress test – which showed that the mirror was right! I started 3 actions that day to restore my health. Three months later my husband told me I had the youthful glow back and I felt more energetic than I had in years.
If you’ve unknowingly paid the price of health and beauty for living, then apply these 3 natural beauty tips to renew what you’ve lost.

The liver controls the nutrients you absorb. Eating sugar, taking birth control and hormone replacements and overeating weakens your liver which reduces absorption of micronutrients. Wrinkles are a sign of inadequate nourishment.
Supplements alone can’t replace eating high quality, raw or low cooked foods. Eating good fats, like avocados, fish oil and coconut oil, slows aging as well.

Get moving.
The maturing silhouette often displays less muscle tone and a slower metabolism. Moving more revs up your metabolism and muscle, boosts immunity and helps you heal quicker.

Living actively is better than a face lift, as it decreases inflammation which causes accelerated aging. Start moving more and sitting less, get aerobic exercise, stretching and light weight-lifting to help you sleep better, feel happier and reduce the aging hormone, cortisol.

Clean and detoxify.
Harmful chemicals in the air, water and products- damage us. We must detoxify and clean harmful toxins to keep our vitality. Aging doesn’t happen on the skin, it happens within us- in our organs.

Reduce or stop eating “aging” foods like caffeine, alcohol, soda, trans fats and sugar. Drink more water, soak in “sea salt” baths and do Ion Foot Detox Bath’s regularly to clean your body machine.

You’ll restore a youthful beauty and glow as you nourish, get moving and clean harmful chemicals on a regular basis.

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