Parenthood: Raising A Healthy, Happy & Eco-Friendly Baby

With Natalie Petty

One of the first questions we ask ourselves as new parents is: “How do I keep my baby happy?” Sometimes we will even settle for contentment, especially in those times when our little one is crying and crying and won’t settle. It breaks our heart, and we want to do anything we can to comfort them. I learned early on that my 2-month-old son loves to be outside. It became obvious when I could actually see him take a sigh of relief as I carry him out onto the patio. This however causes the dilemma of what to do when it’s raining or late at night? This is where a pacifier (or Binky as we call it) comes in handy. My personal favorite is the ECO Pacifier from Verde Kids. My son is very picky, a trait he no doubt picked up from his daddy, and it’s the only one he will consistently keep in his mouth. When nothing else works the only thing left to do is hold your baby, but if you are like me, you have other things to get done and we just don’t have enough hands to hold a baby, do the dishes and talk on the phone at the same time. This is where a baby carrier comes in handy, if it weren’t for my ERGO baby carrier my house would be a mess constantly. The ERGO baby carrier was recommended to me by Jessica at Verde Kids, when I explained to her that I need extra support for my back, and that I wanted a carrier that my husband could use also, and it has been perfect in both respects. It provides the perfect back support even for tall people, and the adjustable waist band allows two people to wear it comfortably. It really is the best! Even though it’s hard at times, and every baby is different, there is always something that will calm your baby eventually, and when they take that deep sigh and the crying stops or they cry themselves to sleep, those are the special moments that I personally will cherish forever.

At my other favorite baby store, Kangaroo Kids, check out their “Slingaroo” to keep your baby content and close to your heart. And don’t forget that Kangaroo Kids is your breastfeeding expert. You can find all the breastfeeding products and advice you will need for your new arrival. Until next time, keep ‘em smiling & their bottoms dry!