Zyto Technology an Energetic Connection

by Ava Frick, DVM

Unfortunately we can’t directly communicate with our pets and ask them how they feel. Even for adults, using words to explain how you feel can be a challenge. Now, there is a way to stop the guessing and open up an entirely new communication channel between your doctor and your pet’s body. ZYTO biocommunication establishes a second perspective that can provide helpful insights and information about your pet’s health and what it needs.

The basis of ZYTO technology is this: every cell in the body is networked together, sending and receiving information to coordinate the millions of functions of the body processes every day. When a health challenges happen, these communication pathways direct available resources and restore balance. In a situation where the challenge exceeds the body’s ability to effectively respond, symptoms may appear. Symptoms or clinical signs are the outward expression of the body’s best efforts to deal with big challenges.

ZYTO technology enables a computer to communicate with the body. Similar to when you take your vehicle to get repaired and it is hooked to a computer for a functional analysis. The interface between your pet’s body and ZYTO’s computer software is the FDA registered cradle (It looks like a big paw!). The cradle is placed along the pet’s belly, parameters in the software are set, and the scan is completed in just a few minutes.

This new technology sends the body an energetic pulse, or signature, called a Virtual Stimulus Item (VSI). VSIs are representative of physical items including nutritional supplements, drugs, body functions, potential invaders, toxins, and organs. As each VSI is sent, the body’s energetic galvanic response (GSR) is measured and recorded. ZYTO measures complex GSR patterns and determines shifts in the energetic posture. These shifts, either negative or positive, identify what are called “biological preferences” – stimuli that the body responds to most favorably.

A body consumes energy in its effort to maintain a healthy balance. When the body uses this energy to deal with life’s extra challenges, like fighting an infection, there is less energy available to perform day-to-day physical activities. ZYTO helps to identify the additional support needed to maintain balance and keep energy levels high. By providing our pet with extra help when it’s needed, we are able to address issues while they are small, leaving more energy for enjoying life.

The ZYTO report can be used to help your pet’s doctor decide on a clinical strategy developed specifically for your pet based on body responses, resulting in better health decisions. Tracking scans over time can be beneficial, allowing identification of trends or long term issues that need attention. Keeping track of the past can help to predict the future. Does your pet’s body know what it needs? Maybe you just need to ask!

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