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How to Resolve Emotional Injuries of The Past… Follow Up

At our July Spiritual Wellness Support Group we had a great discussion on how we resolve the injuries of the past. There were many personal experiences and ideas shared. I would like to share some of their ideas with you.

All agreed that the first step is that you have to face the issue. So often we avoid and even deny that there is a problem. We want to avoid the pain, the memory, the powerlessness we may feel.

So often there are other issues under the surface that we are not identifying or avoiding. We need to allow ourselves to express and define just what the injury is.

We have a tendency to get trapped in assigning blame and staying stuck in our anger. The reality is that doesn’t change anything and prevents us from finding acceptance and facing the issue. Accepting life on life’s terms is a challenge. Life is not fair. People do hurtful things and you can’t undo what they have done.

You have to have a plan. So much of the work I do with patients is to help them first face the issues and then develop a plan that works. The next step is to implement the plan.
You need a support system. Our monthly support group strives to provide that.
You need to become the “Noticer”, the “Witness” of your “self-talk” and how it may be reinforcing negative beliefs that keep inflicting injury. Learning how to replace that with personal affirmation is vital.

The ultimate goal is to achieve forgiveness. To release and let go of the past experience that injured you.

Dr. Yu and I want to invite you again to our Medical Spiritual Wellness Support Group at Prevention and Healing. The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. The address is 10908 Schuetz Road St Louis, MO 63146. Next Meeting Tuesday September 17, 2013.

We will be continuing to address this theme of “Emotional Healing”. We will also be looking at the broader issue of “Spiritual Healing” and defining what “Medical Spiritual Wellness” is.

This support group is open to people of all faith traditions and ideologies. We welcome and appreciate the diversity and personal experiences that people bring to the group. Many friendships have developed as people share their search for spiritual and emotional healing. Many have learned from each other ideas and skills that have worked for them.

Please come and join us for an evening of fellowship, learning and spiritual empowerment.

Chaplain Paul

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