Cosmic Conciousness

by Kathleen H. Christ, LMT, NCMBT

A wearable non-invasive patch
A bridge from where you are to where you want to be –
Or temporary training wheels

A great shift has taken place in our universe recently, one that has been foretold by many of the world’s different philosophies and cultures. It is a shift of “ages” that is responsible for accelerating consciousness, and speeding up the resonant frequency of the earth’s magnetic rotational field, known as the “Schumann wave”. Literature suggests that this shifting is also responsible for the increased phenomenon of earth upheavals, and climate changes.

Living in the 21st century exposes us to man-made radiation and synthetic toxins that have invisibly worn down energetic barriers to subspace radiation. We are unable to keep ourselves strong and protected under such bombardment. This manifests as weakness and disease and soon we find ourselves focused on a never ending cycle of survival and easing the pain caused by this modern world. A term called the “Ascension Flu” has been coined to describe the effect our bodies seem to be experiencing as a result of these combined changes. Since we are made up of electromagnetic components, we are affected by and susceptible to the ever changing stresses of the environment.

We have brought together the frequencies of nature in a patch form to assist our body/mind “field” to have energetic support for this evolutionary journey. It is a consciousness balancer that can easily connect with source energy. It will assist with mental clarity to clear the subconscious cobwebs and confusion, empowering our feelings of connection with “all that is”. This may facilitate a co-existence in harmony, despite a weakened magnetic field of the earth.

Our custom blend of frequencies offers energetic support for the pineal gland, which is the organ responsible for awareness of multi-dimensional experiences. Native shamans have used natural substances to activate this gland in order to achieve greater states of awareness for centuries. We also added adult mental focus and stress reduction frequencies to provide the easing of the modern condition enough to allow the freedom to explore a higher state of consciousness.

The patch is made of a vinyl-substrate material with 22.8% carbon elements that holds sub-harmonic frequencies. Through our patented AFG Infusion process these strings of frequencies are programmed into a wearable, therapeutic, hypo allergenic and waterproof patch. It is designed to provide the body/mind “bio-field” with information that is transferred through sympathetic resonance, like a mobile bio software program that blends with your body’s energy (so it is not transdermal).

This patch is front loaded with frequencies for peace and calming, nerve stim, relax, and stress-less. Once your system is feeling more peaceful, and your angst around much of your dramas have shifted, then adult mental focus and clarity begin to work. Problem-solving in a more gentle fashion begins to express, and people report feeling surprisingly ‘normal’ once again. It’s amazing how sweet that word can be! Being more prayerful and grateful also may accompany these feelings.

We have been working with these patches (over 100 different ones) for more than a decade now with excellent results. Please call for more info: St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center, 314-432-5228.