with Cathy Schram

Fish oil for kids?
What enzymes should I take?

Q: Should I be giving my children fish oil?

A: Fish oil is a great supplement to add to your child’s diet. Fish oil has come a long way in the taste department. Not only are there great tasting chewable forms, it also comes as a delicious liquid. You should try some for yourself. Studies have shown that the omega 3’s (fatty acids) in fish oils aid in support of brain and eye development, improves mood, calmness, IQ and the ability to handle stress. Omega 3’s support the neurotransmitters in the brain and nerve cell communication. Fish oil helps provide the nutrients needed that are need in your child’s brain health.

Q: There are so many types of enzymes. How do I know which type to take?

A: Enzymes are critical as to how we digest our food. They are specialized proteins that help break down different types of food in the digestive tract. Our bodies do produce digestive enzymes, however, as we age, out natural production tends to slow down. Therefore, we need to supplement to aid in the digestive process. Some may think that we get what we need from our foods, but the fact is, that we receive very little enzymatic help from our food anymore, unless we are eating raw, organic fruits and vegetables. There are many types of enzymes. As to which ones to choose, it depends on what you eat. Here is a breakdown of the most common enzymes and what they digest:

  • Betaine HCI, Bromelain, Papain,
  • & Pepsin – Proteins
  • Lipase & Bile Sales – Fats
  • Amylase – Carbohydrates
  • Lactase – Dairy
  • Pancreatin – Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins

Not sure which one to take? Just get a product that contains a variety of enzymes and you should be well covered.
It is always best to take your enzymes prior to your meals as this starts the chemical reactions in your body to enable the digestion process.

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