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How To Resolve Emotional Injuries of the Past

As I work with patients to address their health and wellness issues I see a reoccurring problem that seems to be an issue with everyone. People carry an overwhelming burden of unresolved emotional injuries from their past. They relive the memories and they recreate the emotions. They get caught up in a myriad of thoughts and rationalizations. They pursue a never ending pursuit of asking “WHY” only to go in circles over the same things, over and over again. They do not realize that whatever the issue was back then, it is not what is causing the pain now. Instead, they are inflicting the pain upon themselves by recreating and reliving the past as if it is happening now.

So, how do you resolve the emotional injuries of the past and free yourself from the toxic grip they have on your life?

Dr Yu and I want to invite you to a special program to address this question that I will be leading for the Medical Spiritual Wellness Support Group at Prevention and Healing. The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month from
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

The address is:
10908 Schuetz Road St Louis, Mo 63146

This support group is open to people of all faith traditions and ideologies. We welcome and appreciate the diversity and personal experiences that people bring to the group. Many friendships have developed as people share their search for spiritual and emotional healing. Many have learned from each other ideas and skills that have worked for them.

I especially want to invite any of you that would be willing to become a part of this group to help us go forward and grow in ways that we can help more people. I welcome your thoughts, leadership and creativity.

Next Meeting
Tuesday August 20, 2013
Program: “How to Resolve the Emotional Injuries of the Past”
Our overall health is greatly affected by the impact of carrying around unresolved emotional stuff. The medical arena is supporting that this a major cause of disease and compromised health. Please come and contribute your experience and wisdom as to how to deal with this.

  • We will look at the different steps needed to bring healing.
  • We will share our own experiences in how we have dealt with it in our lives.
  • We will discuss how to develop a plan to resolve the emotional injuries of the past.
  • We will participate in a spiritual healing meditation.

Please come and join us for an evening of fellowship, learning and spiritual empowerment.

— Chaplain Paul

Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, M.Div.
Director for Medical Spiritual Wellness
Prevention and Healing, Inc.
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