Detecting Dangerous Changes In The Body

by Linda Weber Spradling – Cht, CCT

Hopefully you already know that thermography is being used in conjunction with mammograms or ultrasounds for the earliest detection of breast cancer. However, you may not know that thermography is also a great tool in preventative care and early detection of many other medical conditions. A thermographic scan reveals inflammation in the body as well as vascular and lymphatic irregularities. Because many doctors now believe that most disease and illness starts with inflammation, the earlier it is detected, the better the chances are that the condition can be reversed and with a more non-invasive approach.

Thermograms can assess heart function and can help assess risk of stroke, revealing inflammation in the carotid artery before many other traditional medical tests reveal problems.

Thermograms are the only medical test that can actually see pain. Used with other medical testing they can give your health care provider the most information possible for the best diagnosis and treatment options.

Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis travels to locations in St. Louis and the surrounding areas, providing all types of thermographic scans. Our half body scans are available at all locations and will provide you comprehensive information on any areas of hyperthermia in your body. The half body scan includes the head, neck, chest, back, abdominal area and includes a breast scan for women. Along with heart and carotid artery, you will also receive information on any dental inflammation, TMJ and sinus dysfunction, lymphatic activity, arthritis, immune dysfunction, digestive disorders and much more.

Thermograms are quick, painless, non-invasive and emit no radiation. Having a yearly thermogram can give you and your health care provider valuable information and provides a comparative analysis over time so you can recognize any physiological changes happening in your body.

For more information or to see our current locations please visit our website www.medicalthermography-stl.com. To make an appointment call 314-566-0350 or 618-806-5220.