The Power Of Letting Go

By Dorothy Tomasic, M.A.
Certified EPT Works Practitioner

We are empowered when we let go of what no longer serves us. At times, it can be a mystery knowing what to let go of and how. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could begin our life journey fully equipped with an instruction manual for our parents and a trouble-shooting guide for ourselves so we would know when and how to heal and re-harmonize when we are out of balance?

We are now at a place in time where more and more holistic approaches are becoming available to help us restore and maintain harmony in body, mind and spirit. We are complex beings with complex emotions. Emotions are not inherently good or bad, they just are. We need to feel anger at times just as we need to feel Love. Love is a high frequency emotion that is in harmony with peace and balance – Love does not need to be released. Our bodies accept and resonate beautifully with the energy of Love. However, emotions with lower vibratory frequencies such as anger, fear or resentment if not fully expressed can affect us negatively. The cells of our body “remember” the anger or fear and this energy can become trapped. We may try to let go of our anger through conscious awareness of releasing it, getting counseling, etc., but in some cases over time echoes of the original anger linger. Blocked or trapped emotions can make us feel stuck or limited in our lives and can eventually express themselves as discomfort, unhappiness or even illness.

I worked with a client recently who developed profuse sweating episodes along with panic when traveling by plane for work. He stated that he had never been nervous about flying (he travels weekly), but did feel overwhelmed at times with his job.

Through muscle testing (applied kinesiology) we discovered that the emotion related to the sweating was “terror” he felt at age 17 when he totaled his father’s new car and feared his best friend who was with him in the car had died (both young men were fine). Energy of this intense emotion was still with him. The client reported that he had not thought about this event in over 20 years! This man’s cells “remembered” the overwhelm he felt at the time of the accident and now when feeling overwhelmed with work, his body was responding to this emotional trigger with symptoms similar to the original emotional event. Physical symptoms are often the body’s way of communicating to us that something needs to be brought to our awareness for healing. Since our session six months ago, he has not experienced another panic/sweating episode.

EPT-Works (Emotional Polarity Technique) is a holistic therapy that helps with the process of letting go of issues of the heart that no longer serve you. Let go and feel empowered.

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