The Amazing Holographic System of Healing with Command Points

by Adam Lehman, En.K.

Isn’t it amazing that the Asian healing systems of thousands of years ago were so far ahead of their time that they used principles that are only now being understood? As an example, principles that showed an awareness of the functions of hormones and neurotransmitters and ways of balancing them to bring about healing is remarkable considering those substances weren’t even discovered until the 20th century. The way these healing systems mainly came about was through the power of observation of nature.

By noticing what affected the body without the need (or in many cases the ability) to understand the actual mechanism, the Eastern approach was to find the cause (or how) instead of the West’s infatuation of the “why” regarding the cause of imbalance.

A guiding principle of this Eastern approach of observation was that of looking at the relationship of all things to each other. What often became apparent was that anything can cause something to happen, and as well, anything can fix anything! What is significant is finding the correct relationship to heal. In this way, Chinese medicine is holographic in nature, looking at things from a holistic 3 dimensional perspective.

The originator of Applied Kinesiology, George Goodheart, D.C., applied these Eastern
principles of acupuncture/acupressure meridian theory to muscle monitoring as a means
of identifying areas of imbalance and allowing the body to indicate what it needed to return to balance as a means of healing.

Richard Utt, literally saved from certain death through these systems, studied and further researched these principles to continue his already dramatic healing process. His body of work, Applied Physiology, builds and expands upon many of the original concepts, particularly in the use of meridian theory and acupressure, and their applications.

The healing art system of Applied Physiology utilizes the Holographic Model extensively, exploring in a 3 dimensional construct, looking at the relationships between the meridians, organs, elements and more. This empowers the practitioner with the tools to accurately pinpoint where imbalances exist. The use of holographic properties is particularly valuable in looking at the connection of the command points of Chinese Medicine and emotions. Looking at the holographic nature of, and therefore the relationships inherent in these command points, you are able to discern a new level of information that is very powerful, providing unique insights leading to new levels of health and awareness for the person experiencing the session.

Whether you would like to start or enhance your career as a holistic health practitioner, Applied Physiology’s approach to client wellness provides a complete system with powerful tools. Combining unique integrated healing models-Holographic Meridian Setup, 7 Elements Assessment, 14 Position Muscle Monitoring — with potent balancing techniques — Meridian Tuning Forks, Holographic Acupressure, Figure 8s w/ Sound; provides a powerful approach to client wellness. Presented with clear detailed material and instructions, inspiring demonstrations, and supervised practice, you will feel confident about using this amazing system immediately following the workshop!
Acupuncture Approved for 28 Hours of PDA/CEUs

This exciting educational series is coming to St. Louis, July 13th beginning with Agape Quest 1: Holographic Balancing which serves as the foundation of all classes. The second class of the series begins July 18th.

To Register: Call (800)296-8040 or Email: AppliedPhysiologyClasses@gmail.com. For Discount, Register by 6-25.

July 13-16: St. Louis — Applied Physiology educational series begins with the foundation of all classes, Agape Quest 1: Holographic Balancing, 9:00am-6:30pm (4- day module).
July 18-21: St. Louis – Agape Quest 2: Muscle Monitoring, 9:00am-6:30pm (4-day module).

Your Instructor:
Adam Lehman, En.K., has been involved with Energy Kinesiology and related healing arts for over 20 years. He has taught throughout the US and internationally for over a decade, sharing his knowledge and experience with understanding and depth. He is the Advanced Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Applied Physiology.