Piccione Pastry: Authentic Italian Desserts In The Loop

Piccione Pastry

by Leah O’Donnell
Healthy Planet Lifestyles Editor

Start a new tradition by visiting St. Louis’ one-of-a-kind Italian pastry shop, Piccione Pastry. Just one bite of the “made from scratch” Italian desserts offered here and the tradition will become one to share with family, friends, co-workers, out of town guests, and of course a frequent treat for yourself. Piccione Pastry is located in the Loop at the corner of Delmar Boulevard and Skinker. The shop has a fresh urban décor while offering a taste of Italy and the history of the Loop. More than forty different Italian pastries are available, making the only challenge; which one (or two, or three) to try first. Have no fear; the incredibly friendly staff at Piccione Pastry is happy to assist with making selections and even pronouncing these Italian named sweets.

Piccione Pastry is a tribute to the Italian heritage of St. Louis and the family history behind the name “Piccione”. Richard Nix Jr., President of Butler’s Pantry, creator of Palladium St. Louis, and operator of Bixby’s Restaurant, along with his wife Elizabeth, named the pastry shop after Richard’s grandmother, Grace Viviano Piccione. His grandmother owned the Varsity Theater on Delmar Blvd. And the Piccione family lived and worked on Delmar for years. Nix’s father and mother opened the original Butler’s Pantry on Delmar in 1966. The celebration of the Piccione history is displayed in photos on the walls of the pastry shop. New England Culinary Institute graduate, Executive Chef Martin Lopez, oversees Piccione Pastry. “He has taken our vision and made it a reality,” said Nix about the contribution of Lopez. His 26 years of experience and worldly travels help Chef Lopez create authentic Italian recipes for all to enjoy.

The Italian desserts at Piccione Pastry include signature items such as Cannolis available in nine different varieties. Italian cookies and candies are also among the choices. I did my best to sample some of the options and fell in love with the Lemon Ricotta Cookie.
This is a delicious balance of sweetness and decadent lemon flavor. Another pick of mine is the Classic Italian Cannoli. This little piece of heaven is exactly what I hoped for when trying an Italian dessert. The Fresh Fruit Tart is another stand out for me with the combination of the delicious fruit and pastry. Gluten-free and sugar-free items are also offered. The choices are endless at Piccione Pastry. In fact, plan to make several trips to just get started in finding a favorite. While enjoying some of the divine desserts, make the experience complete by ordering an Italian coffee or Italian soda. These unique drinks are a perfect complement to the sweet treats. Start the tradition today of treating yourself, your family, or even your party guests to a memorable experience of true, authentic Italian pastries.

Piccione Pastry is easy to find and conveniently located in the University City Loop. They are open late (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday until 9 p.m. and Thursday – Saturday until 11 p.m.) so guests can get treats into the evening. As Richard Nix Jr. states, “Piccione Pastry’s homemade Italian desserts will be the perfect day-time pick-me-up or late-night snack.” I could not agree more.

Visit www.PiccionePastry.com to learn more or give them a call at 314-932-1355. Better yet, stop in at 6197 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63112 to experience and indulge firsthand.