New Book Helps Children Understand Dynamics Of Environmental Topics

Award winning Author, Tanille Edwards, MBA, ignites green in her latest children’s book “Go Go Green”, a step-by-step guide on the topic of how children can participate in saving the environment. Go Go Green offers scientific information and applicable tips that make going “Green” easy and fun for children. Illustrated using dynamic, colorful, cartoon like characters, this book is part of the Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures™ series, a collection of children’s science books.

In Go Go Green, Jordan, and his sister, Justine, welcome young readers by inviting them to take an ecological journey through time and space, as they seek to understand how to help the environment. Parents, teachers and youngsters will find Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures™: Go Go Green and other books from the Jordan & Justine Collection in major bookstores across the country, including Barnes and Noble and online at Amazon.com.

For more information on this book and others from the collection visit the website: www.JordanGoGreen.com Also view a commercial of the collection of books on YouTube under Jordan & Justine.