Do These Essential Oils Work?

by Donna Langenbacher

It was the Saturday before Easter my son Craig and daughter Monica were riding horses. Because one them got his feet stuck in the mud while trying to climb the hill he bucked throwing Monica head first over the front of him. She remembered landing on her head and watching her feet coming over the top over her. It was then she realized she could not move. Her first comment was she had no feeling in her arms and legs and would miss a job interview she had the following week.

Monica was rushed to Kansas University Hospital Trauma Center. In intensive care she could not move from her neck down. Monica had broken her back in two places, C6 and C7 along with pulled tendons and ligaments. She would not allow them to give her any pain medication. I started applying Peppermint only to the bottoms for her feet. She was going from hot to cold, pain to numbness. If I touched her hair she said that even hurt. I was informed this was a good sign for the nervous system. By Easter afternoon they moved her out of intensive care to her own room.

Monica was not an advocate of the oils. Her two sister-in-laws told her to let your Mom use the Be Young Essential Oils. Surprisingly she consented so I added Helichrysum, Marjoram, Birch, Copiaba, and Cabreuva with the Peppermint. The first 24 hours she was kept flat, then was allowed to sit up as feeling increased in her arms and legs Easter Sunday.

After the physical therapist came in Tuesday the trauma team came in and examined her. They fitted her with a neck brace and informed her the radiologist must have errored when reading her MRI and CAT scans because of her improvement and they let her leave that evening. We drove back to Pacific that night.

This was almost seven weeks ago. Tuesday May 14 her Doctor asked her three times about the pain and numbness in her hands and neck. She told them only in one finger she has a little numbness if she writes too much. Monica went back to work. Her Doctor insisted she wear the brace for another 6 weeks.

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