You Can’t Change Your Weight Until You Change your Mind! Hypnosis Works!

Rev. William Mitchell, CI

by Rev. William Mitchell, CI

Hypnotism can be applied successfully as a tool in psychotherapy, medical and dental pain management, to enhance academic achievement, to overcome fears and stage fright, to improve sleep, to increase athletic performance and other applications, however most people think of Habit Control, smoking cessation, weight loss, nailbiting etc.

When I was first introduced to Hypnotism for weight loss, I was a skeptic. Then I witnessed the powerful hypnotic phenomenon in the sessions and the dramatic results of the clients. Many clients lost 20,40,50 even 100 pounds with hypnosis sessions! When I applied the very basic techniques of induction and hypnotic suggestion with clients, the immediate results were dramatic. The evidence for using Hypnotism to control habits, like overeating, was very convincing. . Years later, I am still amazed when clients tap into their own “hypnotic ability” and change old habits like smoking or overeating.

One client had gained 100 pounds since she stopped smoking 10 years before. She was overeating at night, so I utilized “hypnotic amnesia” and gave her the post-hypnotic suggestion that after her evening meal she would “forget” about food until morning. This woman lost 103 pounds in one year.

Another client was drinking enormous amounts of soda pop each day. So I used a “hypnotic aversion” technique so he would have zero desire to drink soda pop. He lost 40 pounds very quickly and 4 years later he still has not gone back to drinking soda pop.

Some habits are so unconscious Hypnotism is the very best approach. In many cases I help the clients make unconscious habits into conscious thoughts and decisions.

My clinic, Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic, www.hypnoprogram.com, has been helping clients for over 10 years in Illinois. In April I opened my new St .Louis, MO. Office at Two Cityplace Drive at I-270 and Olive. Because Habit Control is observable and measureable, I leave the office each day happy knowing I have helped people improve their health and wellness. I especially enjoy helping people of all ages with weight loss/control. It is very rewarding to watch clients increase their confidence, improve their mobility and fitness and decrease their health problems.

I am teaching an Introduction to Hypnotism 100 class May 23 www.mitchellinstitute.com for those interested in learning about this great tool. For more info call 800-662-3040 and ask for William Mitchell.

Years later, I am still amazed when clients tap into their own “hypnotic ability” and change old habits like smoking or overeating.

I am also teaching a Full Hypnosis Certification 101-103 Class June 17-22 in St. Louis. Visit www.mitchellinstitute.com to learn more.