What Is Homeopathy? The Short Story

by Beth Reese, LPC, CHom

What is homeopathy? It would take a book, or two, to fully explain what homeopathy is and what it does; however, I will offer a brief, concise picture. Homeopathy is a 200 year-old natural method of healing both physical and mental/emotional complaints by supporting the body’s ability to heal itself. Symptoms (like coughs, fever, pains, etc.) are actually the outward expressions of the body’s defense; in other words, these are the ways our bodies heal themselves. So a trained homeopath looks for a homeopathic remedy (medicine) which supports the body’s efforts. This is a totally holistic approach so physical symptoms are not separated from the mental/emotional complaints; nor, are the complaints separated into “specialties” based on the bodily function. Nothing about us functions in isolation; therefore, every symptom is related to the main complaint in some way.

Homeopathy is based on the principle of finding a “cure”, not on suppressing symptoms and masking the underlying problems. Suppression only pushes the dis-ease deeper into the body. This also means that homeopathic remedies are not taken for extended periods of time. Sometimes, the right remedy may be given only once and never be needed again. Some remedies are given several times at the beginning, and they might be repeated occasionally as the need arises over the next weeks, months or years. Some people require several different remedies over the course of treatment in order to address all of their concerns. Every case is different.

Just as with therapy, no two bodies react to the same virus, injury or disease the same way; a remedy is chosen to address your specific symptoms, not based on a diagnosis. Therefore, as a certified homeopath (CHom), I take a full and complete case which includes both physical and mental/emotional occurrences. The initial case-taking usually lasts about 90 minutes. After that time, I study the information I have gathered and decide on which remedy to start the case. After that remedy is given, more observations are made by the individual (and parents) before decisions are made about what will happen next. We may agree that nothing more is needed because the concerning symptom or behavior is gone; or, we may give another dose of the first remedy, or a different remedy might be tried. The client and/or the parents are very much involved in this healing process.

Homeopathic medicines are natural, and are manufactured in strict accordance with HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States). Today, they are used by millions of people throughout the world, including the Royal Family of Great Britain and, even, Dr. Oz. Parents like homeopathy because it is gentle, non-habit-forming and there are no ill side effects. Many parents have turned to homeopathy to replace Ritalin and other harsh medications prescribed for their children. In addition to all of these positives, homeopathic remedies are extremely inexpensive! I have found it is a wonderful addition to my therapeutic toolbox; more about how that works next time.

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