Medical Thermography Now Available At Wellness Alternatives

Free Seminar May 8

Medical Thermography is also referred to as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI). This non-invasive form of testing allows practitioners to diagnose and monitor a large number of injuries and conditions. Thermography’s major clinical value is in its high sensitivity to pathology as it relates to inflammation, vascular activity, and lymphatic activity. In addition, thermography can offer considerable financial savings by avoiding the need for more expensive investigations.

Some of the common applications of thermography are: breast pathologies, vessel disease, oral-dental infections, cancers, and inflamed organs or tissue. Inflammation is the first evidence of disease. There are 4 key ways thermography can contribute to patient diagnosis and care:

  1. It can define the extent of a lesion of which a diagnosis has previously been made.
  2. It can localize an abnormal area not previously identified, so that further diagnostic testing can be explored.
  3. It can detect early lesions before they are clinically evident.
  4. It can monitor the healing process.

Medical Thermography is non-invasive, painless, without radiation, and FDA approved. Wellness Alternatives utilizes technicians that have years of experience and a physician interpretation service which offers the most advanced, professional, and innovative approach to medical thermal imaging. All interpretation physicians are board certified thermologists at Duke University. Most testing takes less than 30 minutes and the results are sent to the patient in approximately 9 days.

Medical thermograms can detect early abnormalities before they are clinically evident or a disease is diagnosable. They also monitor the progress of current health care therapies. At Wellness Alternatives, medical thermography contributes to our holistic approach of treating the whole body, especially when monitoring inflammation, which is at the root of most diseases.

To schedule your thermography screening, call Wellness Alternatives, 636.227.4949. Interested in learning more? Free Seminar about Thermography, Wednesday, May 8 at 630 PM. Reservations required.