Losing Your Edge? It May Be Time To Have Your Testosterone Levels Checked

by Rosa Kincaid, MD

Many of us are aware of the change that women may go through as they approach their late forties and fifties. These changes usually involve fatigue, low libido loss of muscle mass and, let’s not forget, hot flashes. Many are not aware that men also go through a change. For a man it can mean: increase in belly fat, decline in sexual and athletic performance, and onset of grumpiness or depression.

Many men describe it as “not feeling like “themselves.” While it is often shrugged off as just being a normal part of aging, many men are continuing to build strong muscle and maintain sexual prowess into their 80’s and beyond! It is not normal to start breaking down in your 40’s, 50’s or sixties. Your state of being at that age is due to: your diet, exercise activity, stress management (cortisol levels), and of course, the probability of having a low “T” level.

The “T” stands for testosterone. While most people think of sexual activity when they hear this word, men have testosterone receptors on their brain, heart, muscles as well as sexual organs. It’s no wonder testosterone is so important to a man’s total well-being. Many men and women are suffering due to hormone imbalances and just agreeing with the idea that your happy days are over when someone convinces you that you are “over the hill.” And, it seems that people go “over the hill” at different ages and with different causes.

Some men feel old at 45. Some are still going strong at much older ages. Before you’ve decide to throw in the towel, I would like to inform you that this is a condition that can be quantified and fixed in a natural way. The inability to lose the belly fat and maintain the muscle mass could be due to a hormone imbalance. But if looking better, feeling sexy and performing better are not enough, be assured that well-documented studies have also shown a decreased risk for diabetes, prostate cancer and premature death in those men who have normal testosterone levels.

So, don’t let low testosterone get you down, or let IT go down. Come get tested and balanced today. You have your whole life ahead of you.

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