Leading The Community In Reclaiming Vibrant Health

by Linda Frisch

SHAPE ReClaimed™ is a comprehensive homeopathic glycoprotein complex formula. It incorporates a unique combination of synergistic ingredients specifically chosen to balance and restore vibrant health.

Though many will enter this program for its weight loss benefits only, what you may find even more important is the vast number of benefits gained from doing the program. Because fat is inflammatory and immuno-suppressive, not only are people losing weight, they are reducing or eliminating inflammation in their bodies, thus, improving their overall health and improving immune health.

With the reduction of inflammation, it is possible to experience such benefits as a reduction in high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides dropping, blood sugar numbers improving, joint pain decreasing, cognitive improvement, and most exciting, resounding joy overflowing for all those who struggled for years with the battle to maintain healthy weight and body composition.

Our practitioners have been trained to run regular urine analysis tests to monitor you closely while participating in a SHAPE program. We are confident of your success if you work closely with your SHAPE practitioner and follow the program as designed.
As with any successful weight loss program, it must be understood: the patient whom incorporates fundamentally sound lifestyle choices (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally) has the greatest hope of long-term success.

Focusing on the program as outlined in our unique guidebook, one step at a time, will lead to a great sense of achievement, pride, joy and satisfaction. SHAPE practitioners are excited to help you along this journey to ReClaiming your health. With each passing day, more and more patients across the country successfully report dramatic improvement as a result of SHAPE.

SHAPE ReClaimed™ is proud to position itself in the marketplace as a NON hCG product and will never be sold on line or to the general public. We work with licensed practitioners only and require close monitoring through-out. Patient safety and long-term health benefit is our main concern.
What we are most excited about is being bullet proof from the FDA’s scrutiny. Because hCG is controversial, we offer a product that is 100% free of hCG yet accomplishes excellent results.

Four goals achieved by completing the SHAPE protocol:

  1. Decrease inflammation, enhance immune function, lose excess weight
  2. Detox/cleanse the liver
  3. Increase base metabolism
  4. Implement a sound foundation for your Future Healthy Lifestyle

Each serves to bring about lasting success for “ReClaiming” vibrant health.

Q: How is SHAPE ReClaimed™ different from the popular hCG program?

A: Our program is strictly practitioner-supervised. Patients are never left to “wing it” on their own. Because the FDA has deemed the use of homeopathic hCG illegal and is very controversial, SHAPE is formulated using a comprehensive glyco-protein complex that “mimics” what hCG does in the body. We assure you SHAPE has been specifically formulated out of 30 + years of experience utilizing homeopathy as bio-regulatory medicine. 17 additional support homeopathics have been added to SHAPE for optimal success and is 100% hormone free.

Q: Are there any negative side effects while taking SHAPE?

A: Some do experience detox headaches because they have eliminated many of the toxic foods/beverages they have become dependent upon for their “boost.” Some experience leg cramps. We have added homeopathic Mag Phos to decrease this problem. Taking magnesium/potassium will also help. Diabetics and patients taking many prescription medications need to work closely with their prescribing physician as their “numbers” will definitely drop, thus, medication may need dose adjustments.

Q: Will I gain all the weight back plus more, being the case with most diets?

A: Most will not. This definitely depends on how well you adhere to Phase II – 3 Week Maintenance to increase base metabolism and Phase III – Future Healthy Lifestyle. Truly, it depends on YOU. You should have no trouble maintaining your weight loss barring you are not eating in excess and are eating whole foods.

Our single goal has always been: make this program affordable to as many as possible. The more patients we can help, the quicker we can turn the tide on the horrific obesity epidemic and its contribution to the demise of vibrant health. Together, all SHAPE practitioners are committed to TRANSFORMING HEALTHCARE: One Patient at a Time!

To locate a SHAPE practitioner near you, please check out www.shapereclaimed.com.