Hot, dry, thirsty and shriveling up? Not!

Beauties that bask in the hottest, sunniest, driest landscapes.

by Ann Lapides
Sugar Creek Gardens

Sedum Sunsparkler Series Stonecrop, Sedum
From a field trial of over 4,000 different sedums, only three were chosen to be part of the Sunsparkler Sedum series. These perennials were selected for their showcase form and exciting colors. Ideal for green roofs, containers, and living walls. Grows well between stones. Combine all three to create a living mosaic of vivid color and unique texture. Tough and virtually maintenance free, they thrive on neglect and show their best colors when grown in the sunniest and driest spots.

‘Cherry Tart’
 This new cultivar offers never-before-seen cherry red foliage and a short, compact mounded habit. Large clusters of pink flowers top the rich, thick leaves. 4-6” tall, 18” wide.

This breakthrough groundcover type Sedum forms a low-growing, compact carpet of smoky blue-grey leaves which are topped with 6-8,” vibrant raspberry colored flowers. Flowers completely cover the foliage in summer, creating a fabulous color impact even from quite a distance. 6-8” tall, 18” wide.

‘Lime Zinger’
Like no other! Succulent apple green leaves are edged in cherry red and grow into a tight weed suppressing mat that is just 4” tall. The carpet of colorful foliage is topped with large clusters of soft pink flowers. 4-6” tall, 18” wide.

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