Your DNA Could Save Your Life

The Agape Lifecourse, April 20, 2013, inspires participants
to take control of their health naturally.

Several years ago, Eddie Weller D.C., found himself facing a life threatening illness. After developing a heart arrhythmia in his 30’s, Dr. Weller visited specialists looking for a cause and a treatment. He underwent countless tests yet no one seemed to be able to explain or treat the problem. He had witnessed traditional medicine fail and knew that there had to be a better way to heal his body. He also knew that developing this treatment would give way to methods to treat other people facing the same dilemma.

He consulted cutting-edge research of physicians around the world and realized the need for this practice to be brought to the Midwest. What he developed was a program called bio-individual nutrition or “eating for your DNA.” This treatment plan uses the patients’ blood sample to define a genetic baseline and identify chemical imbalances that cause disease. Their proprietary blood panel is more comprehensive than traditional blood work and looks at biology as well as pathology. This practice is currently used by high-level athletes to reach peak performance but has a more widespread application in treating and preventing disease. By looking at this chart of bio-markers, he is able to formulate a regimen that treats a patients specific DNA to avoid disease- despite family history.

“As an upper cervical chiropractor, I understand that there are many components to health. I teach patients how to make their nervous system function optimally so that they feel better,” says Weller. “What I needed to know was how to use nutrition to fuel my body to function as well as my nervous system.” Dr. Weller has spent the past 3 years compiling this plan to use DNA as a map to better fuel his body and cure his arrhythmia.

He treats patients with ailments ranging from Cancer to Alzheimer’s, anxiety to lethargy, in his office in Ballwin. He also teaches a health and wellness event, called The Agape Lifecourse. The lifecourse incorporates the same methodology and inspires participants to take control of their health naturally. The lifecourse will be held April 20, 2013 and will feature speakers such as biological dentist, Dr. Michael Rehme.

Anyone experiencing an unresolved health diagnosis is instructed to visit Agapelifecourse.com or to call Dr. Weller at (866) 585-0732.