Humane Society Summer Classes: Cool Fun in the Summertime

(shhhh….parents, it’s fun with a purpose!)

by Suzanne K. Gassner

SHHHHHH… summertime and the living is easy, at least for the kids. With extra time on their hands, this is a wonderful opportunity for children to gain some insight into our animal friends and learn how they can help make the world a better place for pets…and people! Our Animal Adventures are fun three-hour creature encounters that are interactive, engaging and fun for everyone! Each class features at least one guest speaker and includes a make-and-take craft and fun stuff to take home so they can learn even more about the creatures they love! We’re treating you to a bite-sized menu of programs here but you can see a complete list of our summer programs on our website and even register online at www.hsmo.org !

Argggg… welcome all animal crazy swashbucklers to our Pawrates of the Carribean: Shelter Pet Island adventure is full of hidden treasures. This shelter is loaded with hidden treasures! Take your adventures to a new level — YOU be the pirates and seek the hidden treasures….hint…..they have fur and four paws! Help us hunt for the golden prizes. We’ll map the progress of our animal friends and dig for answers that promise a golden future for our pets. Come on buccaneers…..let’s raise our flags of kindness, set sail and build a better world for our animal friends!

Are you itching for a good time? Are you vetting to be a veterinarian? Is science your scene? Are animals in the running as a career choice for you? Slide on your safety goggles, snap on your rubber gloves and join us as we introduce you to the many science careers you can choose to help animals. Visit our surgery suites and peer in our microscopes as we examine heartworm tests, view intestinal worms and identify pesky bugs. This camp is full of all things yucky! We’ll give you the symptoms and you make the diagnosis and conclusions. Visit with our veterinarians and ‘try on’ a career in animal medicine. Diagnosis? A flea-riffic time! Kids will be able to explore the world of veterinary medicine in our Mad Scientist Camp.

Bet you didn’t know that our Rescue Ranch is full of interesting farm animal characters! One creature knows how to open up all the stalls and let the other animals out at night and another can dance on his hind legs! And look out David Beckham, we even have a featured creature who can play soccer with a giant ball! You have to visit us at the Ranch to find out who can do each of these amazing things and more while we enjoy guided tours and hayrides! Farm animals are more like us than you think. With love, affection and gentle guidance, our rescued farm animal friends have flourished and overcome their sad beginnings to shine like the stars they are! With kind kids like YOU learning how to help them….their futures look bright! In fact, you might want to wear your shades! Don’t forget your sack lunch; we’re having a picnic too! Share your Lunch with a Llama is a never to be forgotten animal adventure!

Our summer programs 2013 are overflowing with fun your child won’t want to miss! Sign up today! Space is limited so visit us online at www.hsmo.org/education.