Healing Issues of the Heart — Mind-Body-Spirit Wellbeing

by Dorothy Tomasic, M.A.,
Certified EPT Works Practitioner

Currently within the healing arts community, there is discussion about making connections between the mind and heart regarding our visions and hopes for how we would like our life to be. In the field of energy healing, various modalities focus on letting go of or changing false beliefs we may hold about ourselves that get in the way of the mind and heart coming together on what’s most important to us.

So often these limiting beliefs are not on the conscious level of awareness and need to be accessed before we can understand the negative effect they can have on us. Gaining awareness about how our thinking affects us physically and emotionally is a positive step in overcoming blocks, strengthening relationships, reaching goals, healing old wounds and releasing stress.

EPT Works (Emotional Polarity Technique) is a holistic therapy that helps with the process of letting go of the issues of the heart that interfere with your dreams, goals, hopes and good intentions. This empowering therapy supports you in discovering and letting go of those things that no longer serve you. Letting go frees up positive energy that you can use to move forward and begin to live the life you’ve envisioned.

EPT Works assists in the energetic alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit, quickly transforming your stress, relationships and health with Energy, Intuition and Forgiveness. When addressing heart (emotional) issues through EPT, a shift happens not only in the mind, but also in the body. This transformation happens within a 3-step process:
FIND IT: FIND the issue by locating its origin through kinesiology or muscle testing and deductive reasoning, tapping into the cellular memory of stressful or painful experiences that are connected to your current challenge.

FIX the issue by balancing the mind, body and biofield through the use of magnets (polarity) and breathwork, releasing the blocked energy stored in your body.

FORGIVE IT: Release the old thought patterns or beliefs through forgiveness statements and positive affirmations. This allows you to let go of the limiting thought patterns that no longer serve you, while creating new and positive thought patterns that invite peace and wellbeing.

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