Be Young Essential Oils: A Life Restoring

by Donna Langenbacher

Today, more than ever, we need to return to nature. Many of us eat processed food tainted by chemical fertilizers. Most work in climate controlled buildings under artificial lights. People are busy–too busy to seek authentic cures. Instead, they look for quick fixes to eliminate the symptoms that are the natural outcome of stressful, artificial, non-stop lives. They have lost the ability to understand what their bodies are saying.
That rash, that upset stomach, that pain, those allergy symptoms… they’re all your body’s internal system trying to get rid of substances that don’t belong there. If we support the human body with its natural functions and use essential oils and other natural products to support it, we can return to nature.

At Be Young Essential Oils we think of it this way: life, giving life.
From day one, Be Young Essential Oils has made a commitment to restore life by developing the highest quality essential oils and natural health-focused products available. Every product developed by Be Young Essential Oils is 100% natural, ethically made, and held to the highest standards available. Each and every Be Young Essential Oil meets the EOBBD (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) standard, one of only two recognized global standards for evaluating the quality and content of essential oils used by health and wellness professionals.

Most people, when they learn that essential oils can provide a quick, safe treatment for a variety of conditions, are eager to start using essential oils and want to develop their own recipes, without a clear understanding of quality or the biological and chemical qualities of the oils. Knowledge is the starting point for unleashing the healing powers of aromatherapy. At Be Young Essential Oils, we take this education process very seriously and have developed a rigorous education program to support our sharing partners in this journey.

Life Restoring means we make health and happiness our first priority. We provide only all-natural, health-focused products. We provide our community with the education and tools needed to thrive. At Be Young Essential Oils, we are looking beyond the horizon; we are reaching toward a life restoring.

Is your 2013 goal Life Restoring? Be Young Essential Oils is pleased to provide the most superior essential Oils and nutritional products available in the global Market! You take your health seriously and so do we. Experience Life Restoring with Dr. Dana Young on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., each $50 a day. Hilton Garden Inn, Chesterfield, Missouri.

For reservations or to learn more about Be Young Essential Oils, call Donna at 314-420-0564. Be sure to also visit the Be Young Essential Oils booth at The Healthy Planet Natural Living Expo on March 10, 2013.